Random Tuesday – Weird fox things, rain, bumps and bruises




  • I’m going to just come right out and tell you that I have cabbage leaves in my bra. See, weaning baby was easy. She was ready for the whole milk. But telling my body we’re done is another story. I made the big mistake a few weeks ago when she got sick. We’d gradually gone down to one feeding a day but then when she was sick that night, I fed her a few times that next day and then the next morning, but cut it off. Well, it took three weeks for my body to store up milk and now I am in pain and annoyed. The magic of cabbage; go, cabbage, go!
  • A lifetime ago, when Ash and I honeymooned in Oahu, I took a picture next to this funky little statue:431876666_37fae8f5ee_z
  • Turns out his name is Tanuki: the Japanese trickster. Who knew?
  • I’ve already begun eating/drinking pumpkin flavored everything but yet, it’s not really cool out. I feel like any day now it’s going to happen. Some mornings, it has been pretty nice but we’re in the midst of a huge rain session. Days on end here, I tell you. It’s interfering with flag football practice, thereby upsetting my kids.
  • Two of my former students scored  touchdowns this weekend: one for the Atlanta Hawks and one for the Carolina Panthers. Go boys!
  • The calendar is filling up with games and birthday parties and all sorts of various activities and I am trying to very hard not to feel overwhelmed. How do other parents do it? Honestly? There’s just so few hours in the day!
  • We caught an episode of Little People, Big World the other night – we never watch that anymore – and I had no idea the parents had split up or that Jeremy was that old. It just made me realize how quickly time passes.
  • As I was sitting here typing, I got a call from daycare and it seems Isaac fell on the playground and hit his head pretty hard on something (a big plastic play gas pump). It looks AWFUL but he’s not crying anymore and they put ice on it. I swear, it’s always something. At least he didn’t need stitches, like Elliot did in his first week of VPK. (On the lip:)6104606892_2dcb935d84_z
  • I can’t concentrate anymore so I leave you now. Happy Tuesday! Go get your random on.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Weird fox things, rain, bumps and bruises

  1. We had a big heat wave last week (the hottest we had all summer!) – but it’s finally starting to feel like fall now. I’m enjoying the crisp, cool mornings. I wasn’t enjoying leaving the house last week and walking into a muggy haze at 7:30 AM. yuck.
    I honestly don’t know how parents juggle all the balls – I have a hard time, and it’s just little ol’ me!

  2. Children have bumps and bruises it is part of being a child, some even have broken bones not me I have never broken a bone in my life and out of my three daughters only one has ever had a broken bone.

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