Random Tuesday – If it weren’t for being attached to my neck, I’d lose my head



Back to school… back to school…

  • It’s nice having the kids back in school mode, but they were both a little exhausted yesterday.
  • Elliot had a make-up swim lesson from a rainy day last week but, um, his instructor never showed up. We walked right into that pool, he got the green neckband (for good swimmers) and he swam a good twenty minutes. We’re not even Y members! We could have been cheesing that out and no one would even know.he had a nice time just swimming about so that was cool for the end of his first day of second grade.
  • Meanwhile, I have just a few days (Monday) until college begins again and the craziness will be upon us. I’m trying to remind myself to take each task one at a time and not think too far ahead. I tend to think that way and then start to feel overwhelmed.
  • Let’s add onto that a little bit of worry. I don’t honestly think it is anything but Baby Girl has to have some blood work and xrays tomorrow because she has fallen off the growth chart. Though she has gained weight, she began in the 50th percentile and now she is off the chart. She is tiny, like my boys, but they were consistently small and she steadily declined. The Xray is for bone age so it is possible she is not properly absorbing nutrients. Her body may not be utilizing them correctly. Let’s hope she’s just an itty bitty thing and this isn’t anything major.
  • I think my parents are coming into town this weekend. Thursday, actually, though they’re going to go up and see my uncle and probably do some other little trips. But then they’ll be here to entertain my boys and give me a reason to clean the house.
  • We finished T25. I could start over on Gamma but I think we’re going to do this one called 21 Day Fix. It looks fairly difficult in some ways but they also give you multiple 15 second breaks, which might make it better. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • I feel like everything is becoming so imminent that I want to just tackle it all head-on. Like, bring it on so I can deal with it and put it behind me. Does that make sense? Maybe I just don’t deal well anticipation.tumblr_m7qsxfFJ5r1rupw36o1_400
  • Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I can’t hear that word without thinking of that.
  • Well, that’s what i have going in the land of random today. Hope everyone is dealing well with back to school and/or the upcoming back to the grind. Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – If it weren’t for being attached to my neck, I’d lose my head

  1. Back to school for us next week. This summer flew by.
    I hope Baby Girl is OK.
    I need to find a home workout program that doesn’t include tons of jumping jacks. They don’t agree with me at all. Still looking.

  2. Sending good vibes that everything is OK with Baby Girl!
    I still have T25 on my shortlist of workouts to try, but I’ve decided to go with PiYo this go-round… I’m excited to try it out, just worried it might not be intense enough. I’ll be interested to hear how you like the 21 Day Fix!

  3. I hope baby girl is ok and there is nothing seriously wrong I just had some silly telemarketer ring and now I forgot what I wanted to say as way of comment so I am just going to say I was here and now I am not

  4. My kids start school on September 3rd – on the one hand, I appreciate the ‘extra’ time with them hanging around all day, on the other hand I’m looking forward to their return so I can get more done without interruption! 😉

    I hope Baby Girl is OK!! Hopefully it’s something super simple like needing simple supplements or something Or, maybe it’ll turn out that because she’s a girl, she’s just going to end up being a petite little thing. 😉 I think Princess Nagger ‘dropped off’ the charts at that age, too – which for her, turned out to be ‘normal’ vs. ‘average’. She seems to have inherited the hubby’s high metabolism – so glad she did, I’d not wish my slow-as-molasses metabolism on anyone. 🙂

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