Friday Confessions – Mostly Food Crimes


I confess… I was just a bad eater this week. There was food given to me, leftover donuts, and a potluck. Ooof. Yesterday I was pretty darn full so I only had yogurt for dinner. That was enough. Goal: do better today.

I confess… Once again, no one told me it was my day to stay at the front desk. I’m getting a little tired of being expected to do things but not told. People, communication is key.

I confess… my neighbor from across the street, an eccentric older woman, is going on vacation and she asked me to keep an eye on her house and get the mail. But each of the times she’s come over to tell me something, we always end up agreeing that vacation is good and we all need one. And then I start to think about how I could use one and, sigh.

I confess… this time of year always makes me a little sad. Grad students who I’ve worked with for years are graduating and moving to far off places. Some are going to California, New York, Bangladesh. It’s a nice time to reflect on that aspect of my job: I love getting to know so many different kinds of people and I especially cherish when I get into conversations with some of them in my office. I learn so many cool things!

I confess… I had this crazy dream that I’m pretty sure is a result of feeling like I have too much to do but keep getting interrupted/sidetracked. I was at work in my dream and there was some kind of emergency where a drug that made people speak incoherently had been diffused in the A/C so people had to evac classrooms and were all standing out in the halls. A bunch of them gathered outside my office as I tried desperately to finish grading papers but I let them take shelter in here anyway. Except as they started coming in, my office looked more like a small hotel room and people were staking out space for themselves in every possible corner. And yet,I kept working. UGH.

I confess… I sometimes forget that Facebook is not necessarily a place to express your opinion. I do understand that by putting myself out there I am opening it up for comment but come on: cut me a break. Also, stop writing checks people.

I confess… I am in the kind of mood where I’d like to just hide – from work, from people, from responsibility. Not good when I have a lot to do.


4 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Mostly Food Crimes

  1. I confess I agree this time of year is sad summer is over and school is back in session. no more long days hanging with my son.

  2. Summer isn’t quite over for us yet–we have three more weeks and we plan on filling them with family time. we may be so sick of each other that sending the kids to school will be a blessing.

  3. I have had times when I have just wanted to hide from the world it passes but still I have those times. I also find other people talking about holidays makes me want to go on one but I can’t be gone for long as I miss my family too much when I am gone

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