Writer’s Workshop – I’d rather…



1.) 9 things you’d rather be doing today.

Though I think this is rather negative thinking, I’m in a dreaming mood today so why not?

#1: I would much rather be at the beach. But you know, I don’t know if I’d want the family there. As much as I love going with the kids, it’s also not as relaxing. I’d either rather be there alone or with just Ash or my mom.469ded129eca17259945a4c9f67f8be3


#2: I would rather be at home, either reading or cleaning, crazy as that sounds. If you’re like me and have a lot of work and a family, etc, you find that there’s little time to really clean. Sure, I make sure things get done and tidied up but really clean takes time and an empty house.

#3: I’d rather be walking around in the woods. I know North Florida isn’t exactly Hike America, U.S.A. here but we have some great trails you might not really know about. If we’re talking a little more logistically unreasonable, I’ll take exploring the mountainous region around my family’s home in Western New York: the beaver pond, Little Rock City, down Hale Road. These are places I explored as a kid and a leisurely stroll in the quiet, cool woods might help reboot my frazzled brain.

#4: I’d rather be spending the day at Disney. Sure it’s hot, but I don’t mind that so much. i had a whole heck of a lot of fun at Epcot last month and I could use a Magic Kingdom day.ff93b5bffee3f14b0595efae32493a6b


#5: I actually feel kind of crafty lately so I’d rather – if I had money to burn – be shopping at Michael’s and figuring out some kind of project to do. Something artsy.

#6: If we’re talking unrealistically, I would LOVE to go back to the Mandara spa in the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where we stayed for our honeymoon. I got a massage there and only briefly explored the rest of it, though I had a half day pass to use all the facilities. I guess I felt guilty for leaving Ash on our honeymoon so I didn’t stay there too long.e00088dc3ca444e3be7202a4c5eafe7b


#7: On that note, I’d rather be back in Hawaii! I don’t know if you can truly understand the magic of that place; it was, well, perfect. I want a little cabana by the ocean, endless drinks, yummy food, and the best tan in the world.

#8:  Hmm, these last two are proving difficult. let’s see… I would definitely rather I DIDN’T have any work to do, though that’s in my dream world. I have another 20 pages of this manuscript to edit and a few journals to grade and a few outlines, too. I also have to make some labels, shore up some documents, and email some folks too.

#9: In essence, I’d rather be somewhere relaxing but have the sense that I accomplished something to earn that time off. I’m actually kind of bad at just sitting around unless I know that there’s nothing else I need to be doing. Otherwise, those thoughts will ruin my good time.fe0e0c8935b2f9a5b3ead0d062c361c3

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – I’d rather…

  1. Hiking in the mountains or sunning on the beaches of Hawaii sound really good to me right now! I love your list of “I’d rather be doing”.

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