Friday Confessions


I confess… I sent fun links to both my husband and my mother with husband/wife and mother/daughter tattoo ideas. Both of them emphatically rejected me. I just thought it might be fun. I give Ash time; I told him that even five years ago I never would have thought he’d be eating chicken on a regular basis. He admitted I was right and maybe some day. I hold out hope; I think it would be a really nice sentiment. As for my mother, I thought it would be cool if she and my sister and I all went in together. Oh well.

I confess… I’m a bit behind on one of my projects and it is stressing me out. The one thing motivating me to get it done is thinking about it BEING done and then in two weeks, summer school will end. I will have a couple weeks to chill before Fall when things will get INSANE.

I confess… I think I’m single-handedly keeping the new campus Dunkin Donuts in business. Ok, I didn’t spend THAT much there but a big old iced latte in the afternoon has become my saving grace. Imagine: it’s almost 3 PM and you’re feeling kind of burned out, a little sleepy. You walk about half a block in 90 degree + temps and there it is: coffee. It’s a wonderful treat.

I confess… I am overwhelmed by the end of our summer. Everything seems to be hurtling to a close in the next month, especially when I realized today that public schools go back on the 18th, not the 25th as I assumed. OMG, how can I not keep track of these things?

I confess… I was a little miffed when I was informed that I’d been nominated to watch the front office today when everyone went home. I don’t mind doing it but it seemed that everyone knew it was my task but of course no one actually told ME. The person doing the job KINDA needs to know, you know?

I confess… it’s noon and I am just now finishing this post. See? Super busy.

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