Random Tuesday – What you do when you own a house, sleepover woes, brain tabs




  • SO, as I mentioned yesterday, we bought a new fridge and let me tell you, Saturday is going to be magical. I cannot wait to start moving all my food into it. Tonight, however, we tackle the useless cabinets. You know how all those so-called “easy” projects go: you start off thinking it’ll be over in no time and things inevitably complicate it. I CAN wait to do that. I know it’s going to be annoying.
  • I then have to clear out a spot in our garage for the old fridge, which I’m excited about too because you know how things can pile up. It’ll be nice to start throwing crap away and making it slightly more organized.
  • Speaking of, we’re about to bite the bullet on separating the boys. Isaac is going to move back into the playroom, which was the nursery before. We figured Ell would want that room, as it is larger, but he wants to stay put. I guess it was the first room he had after the crib so maybe he has a certain affinity for it. And it might be best for Isaac to have the room further down the hall, since he’ll probably end up in bed before Elliot here soon, as Ell gets older.
  • When we move Isaac, we’re going to have a toy draft. Everything in that room will get pulled out and they’ll have time on the clock and take turns picking what they want for their respective rooms. Then we’re going to – hopefully – take the rest and have a garage sale.
  • I feel like we’re in the midst of so many projects right now: fridge, room reorganization, patio re-do, Ash’s server switch (to a smaller box for storage), our bathroom (tile and vanity); we also want to get rid of our big-ass bed frame and buy a king sized with a small frame. I don’t need fancy headboards, just a small frame and a larger sleeping area.
  • Add onto that planning a party. We have a groupon for a bounce house rental so we’re thinking a back-to-school party and then when family comes for that, we’ll also do a little celebration for Dakota’s first. We’re not planning to do a big bash for Elliot this year; he has chosen to invite a couple friends for a sleepover. Let me ask you: since it is his birthday thing, do we have a cake for us and those kids? Maybe just cupcakes and order pizza? Ash is worried about having four boys for a sleepover. When Ell went to Addy’s house, I  found it interesting that when the parents said it was time for bed, Addy went to his room and they put Ell on this couch in a little back room. Do kids no longer bring a sleeping bag and camp it on the host kid’s floor?
  • I always think summer will be more laid back but it’s proving not true. I am feeling another beach trip here soon, but looking at all this, I have no idea when we’ll do it. I have upcoming dentist/doc appointments as well so, ugh! Everything feels so overwhelming. Welcome to being a mid-30s parent/wife/homeowner, right?97648ecbd29fcb1709d349fde097b042

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – What you do when you own a house, sleepover woes, brain tabs

  1. It kind of depends on where the sleep over is happening and how many kids there are. We put Turbo and his friends–three total in the attic to sleep on the floor with futon mattresses and sleeping bags. Bruiser hasn’t had a friend for a sleep over yet, but when he does we will accommodate them together as best we can. What’s the fun of a sleep over if you can’t stay up late whispering and giggling far too late at night?

  2. Let me say I know where you are coming from so many times I start something that I think will only take a little while to do and end up still doing it hours later and it is so bloody annoying, not as annoying as when Tim decided to pack it in half way through the task

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