Wednesday Whine

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I still haven’t had time to make the code but if you want to steal the image and participate, remember the rules: Post as many whiny, ranty, rage-type things as you want BUT balance it out with at least three good things. And you also have to post a photo; I don’t care of what. It can be something you found on the net you like or a recent phone pic, etc.


It’s possible we might get free tix to Legoland and you know what? I actually don’t want to go. It would mean having to leave earlier from here, leaving the dogs with my parents longer, travelling another day with the baby… they say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth but I just… it’s overwhelming.

Last night I felt like I might be getting sick. My throat hurt and I was insanely tired. I slept a few hours, woke up for half an hour, went back to sleep until 4 when BG woke up and then when I got back into bed, Ash’s phone was flashing this crazy bright light because I guess he had a message and I was just irritated.

On Sunday, we saw someone pull up to the house beside us  and figured they were the new owners. He looked to be in his early 60s and possibly from California – he just had that look about him. We waved and so did he. Since then, a slew of older folks have come around but I am pretty sure the ones who actually live there could be dubbed Methuselah. I mean, this guy is OLD. And I have waved twice and once he ignored me entirely and once he actually sneered. I am just so overjoyed they’re going to be our neighbors!! FEEL the sarcasm.

I somehow forgot to put all the cold packs in the freezer yesterday – my entire routine is thrown off by my boys’ absence – so this morning, I had to rearrange what I did for BG’s school pack and my pump stuff. And I was going to bring lunch  but well, not now.

I just got a call on my cell phone about “lowering my interest rate for my ‘credit card’ “. I thought it was illegal to make those kinds of calls to cell phones! I am on that do not annoy me list.


Though I have a lot of work to do, I feel really motivated to just bang it out so I can get on with this week. I miss my boys and I’m ready to go on vacation.

(I’m having a hard time thinking of the good today)

Um, I’m listening to an 80s playlist on Spotify and though I don’t actually recognize some of these (which is crazy because  I KNOW 80s music) I like the sound of them. They just sound like a time I remember as being good.

Ok, crap, I have to have ONE more good thing. Um…. oh, ok, I’ll tell you this: so far at my parents’ house my boys have seen: a wild turkey, a family of armadillos, and three deer, all in their backyard! My parents live in a suburb of Orlando, btw.

Ok, now, for a photo and I’m out:




2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whine

  1. I hate those nights where you just don’t sleep well, even if there is no good reason not to.

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