Random Tuesday – Recovery, final push to vaycay



  • Staying home with baby girl was not as bad as I imagined; she’s actuallystarted feeling OK, considering her eye and ear issues.
  • I made breakfast burritos for dinner last night and man, what a treat. I really just love breakfast foods.
  • BG and I went into Target for a few things and this guy stocking shelves  said, “Look at her, she’s like a little person sitting there. No slumping, just sitting there like a grown up.” He was really quite surprised by her. LOL.
  • I watched Jeopardy last night and I always like to check into that show now and then to see how I fare. I did well, actually. Sadly, the girl who had won 20 times in a row got beaten. Oh well, she had a good run. Something like 420 k. I’d like to win a quarter of that.
  • This morning, I am taking baby girl in around 10, because she’ll have been on meds for 24 hours. It’s remarkable how quickly those things work. I know people shy away from antibiotics – I don’t run to them either – but she had a severe case.
  • Ok, I should actually tell you random things. I found it funny how Elliot’s friends signed his yearbook: just their names. They COULD say something like, “See you next year!”, “Have a good summer!” but writing that would take forever. It’s not like they can’t write that but they don’t have the speed. Remember signing yearbooks? Remember when people would write the equation: 2 good + 2 be = 4 gotten? LOL. I miss those days sometimes.
  • I’ve become interested in nail painting ideas on Pinterest. Such snazzy designs! But I don’t ever paint my finger nails. For one, I don’t like the way my hands look with it. It took me a long time to get used to longer nails but I’m not there yet with paint. Secondly, I always chip my paint. I think I just do too much with my hands and I don’t want to be so careful with everything I do. Here’s a few I like though:fbe08db76955e77d01107a567ea1c567899bbd3b1d20d70e4baaade36dcff4024f9c1b3681b623e015f589fd0cd85131
  • My boys called this morning; Isaac was coloring but Elliot wants to bounce from one thing to another and can’t seem to be satisfied with any one activity. He’s going to have to learn that it can’t be fun and games every second of the day! I know he’s excited but still. My poor parents!
  • Still, they want to take them so it’s not like they don’t know what they’re getting into. Without the boys there, their lives are pretty slow and quiet.
  • I have two hours until I have to go so I am going to make myself some breakfast and try to shower. What to do with a crawling baby? Love this phase but also, irritated by it. Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Recovery, final push to vaycay

  1. I have found that newer polish will actually stay on my finger nails fairly well. I’m not adventurous with it, but a solid color during the week is fun. Makes me feel just a bit girly.

  2. I like breakfast foods too…my favorite! I’d fail at Jeopardy. I like nail art too but, just like you, I don’t do my nails because I chip the paint too easily.

  3. I love breakfast foods, too – maybe I should make breakfast for dinner tonight! 😉 I hardly ever paint my nails – I chip them way too much. But I love the designs you picked out, maybe I’ll rethink the whole non-painted nails thing. 😉

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