MMMM + Still here, praying for labor

Maybe that’s a silly thing to pray for but I am READY to get this show on the road. Friday, I felt pretty cruddy and went home to sleep before Ash and I went to Longhorn and then to see Wolverine. I was feeling ok by then but just sort of worn down in general. The movie was ok; they could have sped it up a little and made it not so… predictable. I pretty much saw everything coming, and not because I was familiar with that story line (what story line? They picked and chose certain aspects of the comic and jammed it all together, awkwardly). Before we sat down for the movie, we looked in Burlington for a stroller, which I decided I might need. We got rid of both infant car seats before we settled on having the third kid, and with one of them, the matching stroller. All we have is a couple umbrella strollers and a double. So anyway, we found a travel kit that also came with a a second base, which was our plan anyway: one seat, two bases. I drop off at daycare and Ash picks up so we’ll just leave the seat there.

Anyway, we got the kids and decided to take them to the playground. Not a lot of other people there, so it was nice, if just a bit warm out. But we hadn’t been in a while. We then stopped into Lowes for a few things and by then, I think the heat got to me because I was feeling faint. Got home and laid down a for a bit but woke to Isaac endlessly crying. Turns out he decided that he’d touch a hot burner with his fingertips. Funny thing is, he always helps Ash make meals and knows better. Luckily, it was just first degree and simply white on his fingertips. It must not have hurt too badly, because I could touch them when I wrapped gauze around his hand but he could not stop crying. Luckily, we got him to go to bed alright; his left hand is the one he uses to self-soothe and well, he couldn’t, so that was rough on him. The next morning, he wasn’t disturbed at all by the white bubbled skin on each finger so in the end, it was pretty minor anyway.

We got some other little things done Saturday morning, then Elliot had swim lessons and we ate at Sonny’s. Pretty much just hung out the rest of the day. Sunday, I woke up ok but fell back to sleep around 10 because I just felt so exhausted. There is constant pain very low down and that is why I pray for labor; end my misery! I conserved energy before taking Elliot to a birthday party. My boss’s grandson recently started at Elliot’s camp and will be going to his school in the Fall so they became friends just a few weeks ago. The party was fun: just a few kids but a comfortable setting for me, as it was at my boss’s house and I knew some of the folks there. Elliot had a great time, especially because he FINALLY got over his unnatural fear of drowning on Saturday. He could swim all along but his fear of drowning was holding him back. Then it suddenly clicked. Now he’s like a little fish out there! Spent about 3.5 hours out there then met Ash and Isaac at the playground again before going home for dinner and haircuts for the boys and a movie before bedtime. All in all, turned out to be a fairly packed weekend.

I’m at work and just sort of wading through some smaller tasks, waiting out the clock. My body will decided when it is ready – I KNOW – but I am desperately ready to go now. The nursery is ready, my car is clean (did that Saturday too), and I have reached a zen place about labor (again.) Let’s go, baby!




This week’s theme is summer songs. Let’s see….

I always loved this song!

And, completely changing gears, this song used to rock!

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Still here, praying for labor

  1. Will Smith is popular for summertime hits. You know, I just didn’t remember this one. The Fresh Prince is the only rapper I am offended by or hasn’t been yet. Being not a rap fan I’m not familiar with all of his songs.

    Frank Sinatra has such soothing voice. I love the classic performers like Sinatra, Martin, Como, Williams, & Bennett to name just a few.

    I hope your little girl arrives soon. I know how anxious you are for her to be here finally. You’re in my thoughts & prayers, dearie! Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew!

  2. Fresh Prince is a hot one today.

    Glad you are all ready to go have baby. It’s better when all is done and stress is not present about more stuff to do.
    Soon baby will be here.

    Thanks for rocking and sharing!
    Have a fun week!

  3. I get the whole thing praying for labor!
    I posted this same Will Smith one today too. I guess everyone wants to hear him. lol
    Frankie baby…love him!
    ~Naila Moon

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