Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – All things baby edition


Seriously Shawn

I must have missed Monday so, uh, onto the blogging

  • So I really did try to post yesterday but I could never start. I was also feeling exceedingly uncomfortable; having Braxton Hicks ALL day and just not able to sit at my desk. I went home around lunch and pretty much camped out in my recliner for the majority of the afternoon.
  • Sadly, (and like always) it rained all afternoon until about 4, when the sun magically came out again.
  • My mom got home from her errand (that story later) around 4:30, same time as Ash. Then we went out for pizza, bathed the kids, finished watching a movie, and went to sleep. I’m pretty worn out these days.
  • Everything is all about baby, and the royal baby isn’t making that any less apparent. I don’t really get the fascination with it but it’s news nevertheless, I guess. 
  • I got the last few things I needed for the nursery: one more sheet, crib bumper, and a diaper stacker.
  • I can see why some women begin maternity leave before their baby is due. It would be nice not to have to sit here uncomfortably. But on the other hand, I would be BORED at home.
  • I’m not looking forward to the pain of labor but I am definitely ready to get on with this. Also, I kind of look forward to resting in the hospital. I’ve said it before but the food really isn’t that bad.
  • I’m also kind of looking forward to maternity vacation and working around the house. Really, these last few weeks are such limbo. We’re all just waiting!
  • Here’s an interesting list that HLN thinks people wish parents had told them about babies. I disagree with the one about speaking in baby. I never did that and hence, my children didn’t act like spoiled babies. Shock! I can think of five things off the top of my head that I wish people had told me that are NOT this list.
  • The one thing I wish people had explained to me was the post-birth kit they give you in the hospital (if you had a natural birth). No one tells you about the gauze underwear or the squirt bottle.
  • They also don’t tell you that you’ll continue to bleed for weeks and about the part where the doc presses on your gut after the baby comes out so you can deliver the rest of that stuff. This might be TMI for those of you not in the know but really… someone needs to warn women about this stuff!
  • SO, no more gross stuff; think about cute little baby fingers and the way their heads smell and how quiet and cuddly they can be when they’re new. THAT’s the stuff I really can’t wait for. Really, I can’t. And now, some newborn pics; Ell and then Isaac.1428975726_f87d3d896e4603787061_e54389c030_z



2 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – All things baby edition

  1. Adorable! Babies are so cuddly. Almost makes me want another, but then I think about the being up all night and the other issues with babies and maybe I’ll just be content to ogle other people’s babies.

  2. I giggled when I read that you don’t think hospital food is that bad – when my dad was in & out of the hospital, my mom often ate his leftovers (or his whole meal, if he was being stubborn) and she always said it was pretty good. When my SIL was in the hospital after having her baby, we were there when they brought her supper in, but she had already sent someone to a local restaurant for her. My mom gladly chowed down on her supper. LOL!!

    Your babe will be here so soon… can’t wait to read your news!!

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