Writer’s Workshop – Let’s get a bit cocky!



1.) 15 Reasons You’re Awesome. (inspired by LouLou’s Views)

LOL yesterday I was all, “How in the heck am I going to write this? Most days I don’t really think that highly of myself but hey, let’s see if I can be positive and do this prompt.

  1. I’m awesome because I have given birth to two awesome boys and I am having a third. It takes a lot to go through labor and then raise the subsequent kid. Most moms are awesome.
  2. I’m awesome because I am thoughtful and aware. For example, I always notice when Ash’s soap is low and put another one in and I make sure the kids have everything they need before they even know they need it.
  3. I’m awesome because I have extensive knowledge of lots of different types of music. At least, I feel pretty cool singing ALL those lyrics in the car. My kids might not think so though.
  4. I’m awesome because I currently hold three jobs. Two of them make a difference in the lives on non-traditional students. English and communication are important and I feel like I really help these folks better themselves.
  5. I am awesome because I have become a much better cook since becoming a wife and mother. Kids can be picky; my husband is exceedingly picky. And yet, I continually get compliments on my food.
  6. I’m awesome because I am loyal and dependable. I will never be late and I will always stick by you, no matter what.
  7. I have mad dishwasher, packing, and car arranging skills. All that Tetris is finally paying off!images
  8. I pick up slack at work and never say anything about it. My co-workers always want the credit up front; I know it will pay off later.
  9. I lost 40 pounds (once) and have had the drive to lose weight after each kid by running. And we all know what a pain running is…
  10. I am awesome because I am ridiculously good at puzzle games. Don’t bother challenging me; you will lose.
  11. I’m awesome because I am frugal. I’d say I live below my means and I always look for the best deal. This means that when I want to splurge on something, I have plenty of saved money to do it. Also, I (we) don’t have credit cards so we are not incurring debt. I personally think this is VERY awesome.
  12. I’m awesome because I know about a variety of things that women don’t typically involve themselves in (cars, comics, geeky things, etc). I’m well-rounded and down to earth.
  13. I’m awesome because I have been keeping some kind of journal since about 4th grade and that segued into a blog. That’s a lot of continuous writing!
  14. I’m awesome because I used to be kind of a hot mess. As in, my clothes, my look, my emotions, etc. But as I matured and paid attention to things, I got a lot better and became the well-adjusted person I am today.
  15. And finally, I am awesome because I am related to Daniel Boone and, well, that’s pretty amazing – to me.DanielBooneCI096-cover-full

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Let’s get a bit cocky!

  1. A little cockiness never hurt anybody! Awesome job!! Three jobs! That is completely awesome. I’m impressed. Losing 40 lbs is awesome, too. I lost 40 pounds once, too. Now I’m trying to lose 59. I’ve lost 23 so far! Yay for hard work!!

  2. #11 is seriously AWESOME. We’re working toward that as well. Good on you and keep up the awesomeness. Those are definitely reasons to be cocky.

  3. We have a lot in common – I’m a boy mom, an avid puzzle game freak, super frugal, and I love comics, cars and geeks things. I think we are both pretty awesome 🙂

  4. #13…I have a box full of old journals dating back to age 12! And then I started blogging in 2001…it’s just a natural progression 😉

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