Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Learning to Adapt


Seriously Shawn

Wassup wassup? Happy Tuesday!

  • Though I wasn’t a full-season viewer, I did catch a few episodes and Sunday’s night’s finale of The Celebrity Apprentice. I was glad Trace won but honestly, I would have been happy for Penn as well. It’s a fun show to watch, considering I don’t have many shows.
  • I had a Dr. Who dream last night and I don’t really much watch it. I pop in now and then but I always forget because it’s Saturday night. But yeah, we were travelling in the Tardis and for some reason, just as I said how much I trust that form of travel, it malfunctioned and we dropped from space. And I think we landed in Paris. Weird, right?
  • Remember when I complained about the guy at Dunkin’ Donuts who ALWAYS got my drink wrong? I mean, if I order an ICED VANILLA latte with NO SPLENDA, why does he give me a hot regular latte? Anyway, I haven’t seen him in a good two weeks and I’m hoping he’s on a, uh, permanent vacation.
  • Our A/C – brand new as of June 12th of last year – is having issues. Grumble grumble. It can’t seem to cool to 78 during the heat of the day. We thought it might be time to replace the filter but I’m pretty sure that only affects input, not output.
  • I woke up this morning thinking I hadn’t felt Baby Girl move in a while – she usually kicks every time I turn over at night – but wait… there she is. I was kind of slow to start today so maybe she was too.
  • Trying a new recipe tonight: going to grill corn on the cob in the husk. I watched some youtube videos about it last night. Isn’t it crazy how we teach ourselves these days?
  • I’m eating yogurt with fruit and granola this morning and it is so good. I don’t know what it is but I get in these ruts where all I want is X food (for a long time there it was some kind of egg breakfast sandwich) and I have to really pry myself out and force myself to eat something else.
  • I’m always interested in hearing what other peoples’ movie opinions are. At Ell’s tee ball game, I sat in front of one of the other moms and her mom, who were discussing movies. The older lady went OFF on Oblivion, saying it was the worst movie EVER. Yet, she loved Olympus had Fallen. I saw both and thought Oblivion was actually pretty good. But it was when she said she’d NEVER see Star Trek that I really wanted to turn around and tell her to give it a chance. Interesting!
  • I finally watched Perks of Being  Wallflower Saturday night. I was scared, honestly. I loved the book when I was a college sophomore but all I could think about it were the sad parts and I didn’t want to feel sad. But the movie was great and I could even handle the sadness. I did cry my eyes out at one point too.
  • Ok, that’s all I have for you today. Hope you all enjoy your Tuesday! And some Man Candy. Chris Pine looking tastier than normal:tumblr_mmrpifVTEP1qaak3fo1_500

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Learning to Adapt

  1. I am a big TOS Trek fan–and I was okay with the reboot. So that lady can suck it up and open her mind a little!

    I would likely barf all over the TARDIS.

  2. We do corn on the cob in the husk all the time on the grill. Soak it well, that helps keep the husks from burning before the insides cook.
    I am a scarey cat when it comes to new movies. I have the hardest time watching them. Most of the time I enjoy them, but I’m always reluctant to start them.

    1. Well, what I was told was to soak them in the husk over night. We did that but they still burned the outer layers. It was kind of a mess but it turned out pretty well.

  3. ..test. I have been trying to comment on your blog for days. :/
    My daughter is always telling me that she gets weird dreams after watching Dr. Who. I have never watched it. Maybe I should try and see if I get a weird dream. Hmmmm odd.
    I honestly did not know there was any other way to grill corn. We always grill it with the husk and the kids get the chore of de-husking it with oven mitts.

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