Putting out fires but where’s MY fireman?

Monday began book orders for my entire department and since the system is new, no one knew what they were doing. Not only that, but the first person in charge was – conveniently – not at work. The second in command, also mysteriously absent. I then trained another coworker on the ins and outs of said system. Then I proceeded to do my own damn work. And I worked all evening – at home. The week has been exceedingly busy and I came home from yoga last night to find that Isaac had a slight lapse in his spotless potty training record for the week, Ash was in a funk about a work problem, and Elliot was bitching and moaning as usual.

I got the laundry started and the kids clean and dried.

After shuffling them off to bed, I ate my Publix sub and we watched Life of Pi, which was a good movie for the moment; made me remember to be thankful. Ash’s problem averted (with the help of a margarita or two… but mission accomplished.)

I thought it was Thursday all day yesterday. Today, my mind gets to relive Thursday all over again. Elliot woke up with some intestinal distress then followed it up with his most negative attitude and complaints of still being tired after 10 hours of sleep. Kid, most adults would kill for 10 hours; shut up. By the time he left my car and stood at the corner near the crossing guard. I think he was awake (mostly) and feeling better.

Seriously considering just picking up Boston Market for dinner. Not only do I not want to cook, but we may all need some comfort food. And maybe just watch a movie tonight. I need someone to come to my rescue; to quell all my fears and anger and tell ME it’s going to be alright.

I’ll settle for a coffee and donut. Yeah, that makes everything better.

2 thoughts on “Putting out fires but where’s MY fireman?

  1. Some days just suck like that …. I hope yours start to get better. And yes despite what they may say … coffee and a donut can do wonders!

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