WWTK – In Bloom edition

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Spring is right around the corner so let’s talks about seasons and vacations today!

1.) Are you affected by the “Winter Blues?” Does winter drag on where you live?

2.) What is Spring like where you live and when does it arrive?

3.) Do you have plans for Spring Break or an upcoming vacation?

4.) Have you ever done a true Spring Break to a beach somewhere to party, etc?

5.) What is your favorite thing about Spring?


1.) I am most definitely affected by winter; I don’t like the cold. I can handle a little but would prefer not to. It doesn’t usually drag on but this year, I am so eager to go to the beach that i feel like it is going on forever!

2.) Spring is gorgeous in North Florida. The azaleas bloom and the magnolias too and in spite of the pollen, the weather is simply wonderful. Sometimes it comes early (this year, flowers bloomed about 3 weeks ago) but temps get really nice towards the end of March and beginning of April.


3. ) My Spring Break doesn’t count because although the students aren’t here, staff still have to work. Though, it will be quiet and one of the days, I am going on a field trip with Elliot down to the river. It will be fun! For his Spring Break, we have zero plans, sadly.

4.) I was never cool enough to Spring Break somewhere. As an undergrad, I was overweight and self-conscious so we never did that. But I tell you what: if I had some friends to do it with (and wasn’t pregnant) I have half a mind to drive to PCB and see Luke Bryan. Love him!

5.) My favorite thing about Spring is how hopeful it feels. After those bleak months, the sun shines and even when it rains, it feels cleansing. It’s mild and there’s a sense of renewal.5798046986_fc9546fd39_z

3 thoughts on “WWTK – In Bloom edition

  1. Time and location made it so I never did anything typical for spring break in college. Now we get to go on trips on occasion, but they are not typical. I do get to see a beach though.

  2. Your weather sounds much nicer than ours right now, we are pretty dreary lately – grey skies, rain, and fog. I imagine Florida is pretty fun during Spring Break ha ha!

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