Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – You’ve got to be kidding edition


Seriously Shawn

Time is flying by eh? February: blink and you miss it.

  • I am in a shit-tastic mood. I thought that since my Monday pretty much blew, Tuesday would be better. Oh no. Not really. Kids were spilling cereal everywhere, my mom’s getting on me about things, it’s rainy… UGH.
  • I need a hair cut big time. But I never make time for that kind of thing. I seriously need a day off all to myself. Sadly, I am saving all my leave right now.
  • Did you know that a search for “succulent” on tumblr or pinterest does not always yield photos of cacti? How annoying!
  • I made a huge mistake yesterday morning: I took a Claritin, two Tylenol, and my prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach. I thought I was close enough to work – and therefore, my breakfast – but no.  I was ever so glad to have no carpeting in my car, though. Ew.
  • I know you’re jealous of what I am getting for Valentine’s Day: the arcade machine will be vacating my kitchen. This is one of the best gifts he’s ever given me!
  • Of course now, he’s raised the bar on creative gifts so I have to really think hard.
  • The forecast all week is rain rain rain. I am so weird; I am highly affected by the weather. If it is dark and gloomy, I am too. It’s very hard for me to overcome this.
  • Pair that up with pregnancy hormones and I am a serious mess!
  • I didn’t even realize it was Fat or Shrove Tuesday. Would it be totally stupid of me to joke that I’m giving up drinking for Lent? (hardee-har-har)
  • I don’t know if I am going to give up something or try harder to improve in some way. That always seems like a better tactic for the lapsed Catholic hiding somewhere inside myself.

I have no sexy man for you today but instead, a gif of how my week is going.tumblr_mheu8nb8Ir1r3gb3zo1_250


Hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for mine and Kenzie’s We Want to Know Wednesday Meme. Here’s a preview of one of the questions:

If you could have any one thing for Valentine’s Day what would it be?


7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – You’ve got to be kidding edition

  1. That poor dogs, it’s almost as painful to watch as a one legged hamster on a wheel!

    I’m with ya on the rain thing, it’s puts me in a real pissy mood too.

    I’ll do my best to come back tomorrow, I’m glad to see WWTKW back up and running!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. I am sorry that you’re having the gloomys–have you thought about getting one of those lamps that are for people with seasonal affective disorder? Maybe a little sunshine on a rainy day will help your mood.

    I always took my prenatals before bedtime for the very reason you cited. Of course, just the smell would kill me…

    Hope your Tuesday gets better!

  3. My Monday was a DISASTER (I wrote about it today) and today I got a call from my son’s reading teacher that he was mouthing off in class and he’s never done that before so I have to figure out how to handle it. Argh.

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