Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Losing my mind, probably


Seriously Shawn

So out of sorts this week; will pull it together for YOU, though. 😉

  • I posted on facebook the other night that I wanted egg nog ice cream but couldn’t bring myself to buy it because it only comes in glutton sizes. If it came in pints, I would be so happy. Some people didn’t understand why that was a problem but if you know me, I have way too much food guilt.
  • Though, to blast that to bits, I bought myself a fruitcake and finished it in about a week. Just a slice here and there. Despite the bad rep it’s gotten over the years, I think fruitcake is GD delicious! What’s not to love? Nuts? Good! Candied fruit? Good!
  • (Did ANYONE get that Friends/Joey reference?)
  • It’s all crappy here. Gray, misty, fixin’ to rain. Yeah, I said fixin’. I cut that out of my lexicon shortly before my first child arrived because we didn’t want them to grow up talking like hillbillies but every now and then I slip. I also sort of use it when dinner is ready and I tell Ash to fix his plate. And of course, his response is, “Why? Is it broken?” Asshole.
  • I follow this girl on tumblr who I really cannot stand but can’t seem to unfollow. I am really just waiting for the day when she posts that her boyfriend is finally dumping her, because I know it’s coming. Isn’t it horrible? Like watching a car wreck.
  • I also follow a site called “Unfuck your Habitat” and I think I’m about to unfuck my school bag. It is inundated with tissues carelessly thrown in there on mornings I think I may need one, receipts, old papers I mean to keep at home, and other junk. MUST. FIX.
  • I got a 1% bonus from my work in this next paycheck. I am really happy, even though it isn’t a whole lot, because I think it’s nice that even when the University is struggling, they find a way to reward good work.
  • Is anyone else excited about The Hobbit? I am, but worry they’re going to be adding a ton of stuff since it’s super long and the book takes all about four hours to read.
  • Anyway, that WAS super random and here’s more random; just a hot dude, no biggie.tumblr_meeq0lI3il1rw6jwpo1_1280

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Losing my mind, probably

  1. I got the Joey reference! (“What’s not to love? Whipped cream, good. Jam, good. Cookies, good. Meat… GOOD!”)
    hahaha!! Oh how I love Friends. 🙂

    But for the record…I’m not a fruitcake fan. My mom makes it every year, and every year I try a nibble, and I just can’t get on board!!

  2. Yes, we are excited about The Hobbit, because we are all Tolkien fans. My husband says that all the extra stuff they are throwing in comes from the vast library of appendices that Tolkien added over the years. I find it fascinating that he created such a world in exacting detail!

    Good Lord, don’t even look in my book bag! Whatever is at the bottom appears sentient…

  3. We are looking forward to the Hobbit too. Although I have questioned the length, I’m sure that it will be wonderful. I read yesterday that Peter Jackson took a lot of the material from work that Tolkien intended to use to do an extended version of the Hobbit, but didn’t get to it.

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