Friday Confessional – Longest week EVER!





I confess… with running off the table for a little while, I am planning on doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this weekend. I’m going to eat breakfast! on Saturday and sleep in! on Sunday and try to actually clean my house! without overdoing it on my abs. Just thinking about this almost brings me to tears.

I confess… the giddiness I feel at this mandatory break from running worries me; like, I was burned out and didn’t realize it. Only 6 weeks into 16 should not be burned out.

I confess… I am thinking about switching to the half marathon, if they’ll let me. I just don’t know how I am going to feel and f I can even catch up now. It’s kind of depressing but in some ways, a relief. This week has been hard.

I confess… I didn’t think about all the stuff that would be hard to do after having my, you know, ABDOMINAL CAVITY ripped open. (Ok, so it’s three tiny incisions but EITHER WAY…) But yeah, everything is difficult.

I confess… I was really irritated by my kids this morning. I hope my day goes better and that when I get home, we can just chill.

I confess… I am SO ready for Fall. And pumpkins and pumpkin spice lattes and red/golds/orangey leaves and for things to slow down, though they totally won’t!

5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Longest week EVER!

  1. Well this is what I get for going out of town and not reading any blogs for weeks – appendicitis!! I just read through your last several posts. Dang! So sorry. Glad you are mending. And I’m hoping a nice pumpkin latte is in your near future.

  2. Sometimes things like this happen – life’s little way of telling you to slow down. I hope your weekend of rest does you a world of good!!

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