Well, here I am

Yes, I went to work today. To be honest, I feel pretty good. It’s still a bit difficult to get up and sit down but it’s minor. Just feels like I did ten million crunches and my abs hate me. The residual gas that they pumped into me for the procedure was actually the most painful thing. It supposedly can get stuck up under your ribs and in your shoulders – which it did – and that is seriously painful and makes laying down and getting back up a total bitch. Otherwise, I’m just a little slow and I can’t go lifting anything. I even drove today, even though the doc had said not to. Turns out he meant that only if I was going to take the Vicodin, which I am not. I don’t need it and hate how I feel on it. Extra strength Tylenol for me only.

It’s really weird losing two days of work time and being so out of my own life. I am trying to do extremely ordinary things to get back into it. For instance, I made the boys pb&j sandwiches for lunch and got them all packed up for school and just doing that made me feel normal. I am catching up at work but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s not very fair for this to happen right at the start of Fall semester but it’s the norm, I suppose. Last year, Ell bit through his lip and needed stitches on day 2. When I was pregnant with him, he came 2.5 weeks early, on day 2 of the Fall semester. It just seems like I can count on something going awry at the end of August. Well, screw you August; be gone!

I am ready to start feeling better. I am ready to start my semester. I am ready for the weekend. I am ready for Labor Day Monday.

2 thoughts on “Well, here I am

  1. Good to hear you’re back to work already, and easing yourself back into a routine! Enjoy the long weekend and get lots of rest.

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