Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Two for One edition


Seriously Shawn

Hello Tuesday my old friend… We meet again… No more rhymes, I suck at that shit.

  • So have I mentioned the construction outside my office? Well, today they’re removing this steel wall that previously had glass in it. So the demo of that is LOUD; whatever tools cut that stuff plus a hammer to knock it out of place plus dust and debris everywhere. The workmen are wearing little masks but I am here, uncovered. I am sure this is not OHSA compliant.
  • I played really loud music to drown it out but it got so bad with both going, I pretty much just gave myself a headache.
  • Over the weekend, this kid on a bike came to the door. He said his name was Miik (“Meek”, from Estonia) and he was here in America selling childrens’ educational books to make money for his family back home. Seemed like a nice guy and I think he was legit but of course, I don’t have the money. But it made me wonder: people don’t really go door to door anymore. And I am less inclined to answer my door anyway; just because you knock doesn’t mean I have to answer right? Well, someone knocked last night at 8 PM and Ell went to unlock it thinking it was Ash. I stopped him and explained why we don’t do that. I peered out a crack in the blinds and it was some teenager with a backpack. Don’t know what he wanted but the fact is, it was time to have the “stranger danger” chat with Ell. He handled it well but I definitely think he understood.
  • I saw Miik riding his bike downtown at 7:43 AM today; no idea what he was doing up so early but I hope he’s not knocking on doors at this time!
  • Is anyone using Spotify? I really like it but it still doesn’t solve the problem I have had in trying to buy music: some bands are not available. AC/DC and Def Leppard specifically. not on iTunes and not on Amazon. And not on Spotify. Also, The Eagles are conspicuously missing.
  • I worked with a bunch of football players this last time I taught and the woman I talk to in Athletics, as a thank you, put me on this coaches’ list for the Fall. Something about a meet and greet with players and coaches for me and the kids and then on a game day, I’ll get to sit in a special box. Um, yes! Finally, one aspect of working here is paying off. (Well, I shouldn’t say that; this job is rewarding in a lot of ways.)
  • Now’s the time of the morning where I get to browse photos of men to give to you, for the majority of my readers are women and don’t pretend you don’t appreciate it. 😉 Today I present one pretty boy and one rugged one. The latter being the type to build a fire with his bare hands and skewer an animal to feed you were you to be stranded in the woods. aaaaand you’re welcome.

7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Two for One edition

  1. Miik came to my house, too, and sort of tried to rush his way in (he started walking in while saying “This will just take 5 minutes” without being invited). When I told him we weren’t in a place to make such a purpose, he said that was fine and that he “just needed to play with your child for 5 minutes.” Yeah, no. Then when Dave got home (he had been out running) he told me that the dude had already come once before and Dave had told him definitely that we weren’t interested. I don’t know if he’s legit or not but he’s definitely creepy and not allowed anywhere near Molly!

  2. Oh, weird! he asked if we could sit in the shade, which I agreed to, but he didn’t ask to see my kids or anything. I didn’t get the creepy vibe from him but now, I AM sort of weirded out!

  3. I live in a gated community and still get the occasional door to door knockers. How do they get in? Lucky for me I have 3 huge barking German Shepherds that scare them away before I get a chance to open the door.

    Ahhhh thanks for the eye candy and for linking up with us!

  4. We get the “college age” magazine sellers and cleaner sellers. I usually don’t answer the door, or just tell them I’m not interested. Nick tends to listen to the pitch and then tell them he’s not interested.
    Yay for perks–enjoy them!
    Yum on the eye candy. Something to look forward to on Tuesday.

  5. Nobody comes to the door around here anymore. Maybe kids selling chocolate bars for school fundraisers, but that’s about it. Thank God.

    I quite enjoy that pretty boy, but I don’t like the scarves-on-men trend. Take it off, and I’d be happy! 😉

  6. I had a college girl come to our house trying to sell educational type books – Princess Nagger was all into some of them, but I kept saying no thanks – I finally told her she needs to come back when the hubby is home, but she never did come back. 😉 I’ve had the ‘stranger danger’ talk with Princess Nagger and she’s not one to talk to strangers (luckily) but Little Dude is another story – he says “Hi!” to EVERYONE – so we’ve been working on that…I think where he was before he was exposed to so many strangers at all times due to his druggie bio-mom that every stranger is his ‘friend’. UGH! It’s going to be an uphill climb with that one. 🙂

    The construction at your office would drive me insane. And they’re wearing masks but you’re not? Seems wrong to me.

    Awesome Man Candy as usual! *drool* 🙂

    Thanks so much for being such a diligent Rebel! 🙂

    Steamy Weather, Nomination Honor, Wonky Thermostat and Asshat Parking

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