Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Checking Out edition

Time is flying by at a phenomenal pace, though to my son, you’d think this was the longest week EVER, and he only has to live through two more days before we leave for vacation!


Seriously Shawn


  • Yesterday, I stayed home with the A/C workmen and I got so many little random things done: cleaned my camera lenses, took molds of the dog’s paws and painted them, hardcore cleaned the tubs, and scanned in a bunch of old photos. Look, here I am in a diaper box circa 1980:
  • I had been meaning to do some scanning for a while but once I am home from work and the kids are messing around, etc, I can never seem to sit down and do it. Yay for workmen in my house!
  • Speaking of, let me tell you how nice it is to have a brand new (Trane) unit and all new registers. Oh, and a return in each room, something most newer houses have but of course, we chose an old house built in 1969 and had to deal with all these funky things like the A/C unit being on the back of the house on the deck. But it’s done and I am happy.
  • Now, if we could just make it to our vacation destination, that’d be great. My plan is to work today and tomorrow then be on my way. Today, though, my mom and dad are down with my grandmother and grandfather; on Sunday, my grandma was back in the hospital, this time not because of a fall. She had some kind of stroke or seizure and the docs told my g-pa to prepare for the worst. So my mom went to church, then drove down. And then, grandma woke up! She’s doing OK for now but the end is nigh. I’d like her to no longer be in pain but I also want things to work out, if you know what I mean. We’ll be a lot closer by the end of the week, if I have to make any side-trips. The end of days for family members is such a weird subject.
  • In other news… my tattoo is in the unsightly phase of the healing process: the scabby parts are flaking off and of course, it’s been nearly 12 days since I shaved so it’s looking pretty grisly. But everything I read says not to shave for at LEAST 2-3 weeks, if not an entire month. People at the pool this weekend will just have to accept it!
  • Speaking of acceptance, the other night at dinner, Ash and I got into this little train of quips about how wonderful Isaac is and then – as has become habit – he’ll say “I’m down for the third (kid)”. And this time I replied, “Sure, after my marathon, we’ll think about it.” And this was amusing because we just keep going back and forth; we both want another and we both know that time and money would be TIGHT if we did it. Sure, I’d love to see what kind of little personality we could make in that third child (which would inevitably be another boy who we’d name Olly. And because it has a name I can’t help but think about the “child who will never be Olly.”) Le sigh!
  • Final thought for the day: I did not watch the new episode of True Blood; I may be done with it, unless  I find a way to watch episodes soon. Otherwise, I think I’ve run my course with Sookie and I am done. And that’s just fine.

I had a tough time picking Man Candy today; my source has added a lot of new “talent” and I don’t like too many choices. I decided to go uber manly today with Cory Bond in a typically masculine pose. Well, kind of. I also recently started following him on Twitter. He talks about his wife or girlfriend or whoever way too much. 😉 Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Checking Out edition

  1. I love your adorable baby picture! Lil Baby Allstar. Awww!

    Gosh, I’m so sorry about your grandma. I hope everything works out. I’ll say a prayer for her right now.

    Well, I bet your one spot on your leg will be a sight for sore eyes in another 2 weeks. You should have done it before summer. Maybe you could take a pic of the hairy mess for us before you shave it! =)

    Thanks for linking up!

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