WWTK – The crowd has spoken

nullOooh, I am excited that this week’s questions are from readers/meme participators. Maybe mine will be featured soon! Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

Vandy @ http://tttandme.blogspot.com/ wants to know:
{one} What is your quirkiest habit?
D @ http://beneaththesurfaceanewbeginning.blogspot.com/ wants to know:
{two}What TV show do you always stop to watch?
Vanessa @ http://www.jfamforlife.com wants to know:
{three} What do you miss most about being a kid?
Jolene @ http://richjmylife.blogspot.com wants to know:
{four} How many siblings do you have?
Kenzie @ http://cbmommyhood.blogspot.com wants to know:
{five} How do you get yourself out of a funk?

1.) Vandy’s Q; You’re quirkiest habit.

Hmm, tough one. I am sure I have some but it’s hard to think of them right off the top of my head. I guess for one, I have a thing about loving the music from Weather on the 8s on the Weather Channel. So I can be caught checking it just to hear the smooth jazz. And another is that when I go over speedbumps, I do this little two bar hum, sort of like Hmm MM, just as the tires hit the bump.

2.) D’s Q: What TV show do you always stop to watch?

Storage Wars or Auction Hunters. Hands down. I love the unknown about it! They could find anything in those lockers.

3.) Vanessa’s Q: What do you miss most about being a kid?

This one is a tie. The main thing is being carefree. I mean, I worried as a kid; about grades and friends. But not like money and your own kids and the house. It was nice to have some of that brainspace freed up. And the second one is that I could move like the wind, so effortlessly. Now it takes a lot of effort!

4.) Jolene’s Q: How many siblings do you have?

I have one sister, Alyson, who is almost 6 years younger than me. She lives in Sanford (Home of the Treyvon Martin case!) and is an assistant manager at Yankee Candle. She has a boyfriend of 3 or 4 years (can’t remember), Justin, and a dog named Candy.

5.) Kenzie’s Q: How do you get yourself out of a funk?I either go for a run or buy a book and take a long hot bubble bath. Sometimes, if time and money permit, I will leave the house and go have coffee by myself.

Good questions this week!  I have been bad about linking up on Wednesdays due to overwhelming work the past few weeks but I like this a lot. Happy Hump Day everyone!

8 thoughts on “WWTK – The crowd has spoken

  1. I miss not having to wrry and having free time. It seems like I had all the time in the world to read, or just do nothing when I was a kid. Not so much now.

  2. That’s funny about going over speed bumps, I always say “bump, bump” when I go over them. Another weird car quirk I have is sometime I like to make the sound of shifting through gears!
    I love Storage Wars!
    Imagine everything you could get done if you still had the energy you did as a kid. Oh that would be wonderful.
    I’ve really been wanting to get in to jogging because I’ve only heard great things about it, and I imagine that going on a nice run by yourself definitely can clear your head.

  3. I was a worrying kid too. I wish I could go back and not do that so much. If only I’d known there would be enough time to worry when I grew up…

  4. Your quirky habits are good ones! I had a hard time thinking of them but I think I have a few like you I just need to think better about them or jot them down when I do them so I can retell it.

    Carefree sure would be the beesknees!! Can’t wait til I’m old and senile and the kids can take care of me…maybe.

    These q’s were fun!

  5. Love your quirky habits, I had trouble thinking of any- I’m really odd so I think everything I do is strange- or normal. 😉 I think most of us miss being carefree.

  6. storage wars …yeeeeeeeeeeep…i hate that guy but i love the show. hate is a strong word, i guess i don’t know him well enough to hate him. i am unimpressed by him, that sounds better.

    thanks for linking up!!

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