Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Bad docs, scheduled dates, growing up


Seriously Shawn

Yay, Tuesday! /eyeroll. At least we got a new button; wee!! Tons to do today so let’s get a move on.

  • Easter was… busy. But awesome. The kids loved their baskets, (I ended up going with the Easter Bunny notion, though I swore I’d tell him it was me) we had breakfast out, and they got to find eggs in the yard. All in all, a great holiday.
  • I had a very good 5 miler on Sunday and during it, I realized that sometimes things do happen for a reason. When I called to set up my consultation and subsequent appointment for my tattoo, the only thing they had was May 29th and June 1st, respectively. And I realized that June 1st is just about my two year running anniversary. (Isaac was born April 15th and I began around his 6 week mark.) So it kind of works out!
  • As mentioned on Friday, I had to go to the doctor; I needed answers. This time, I actually got some. I had gone in about a year ago and the woman I got pretty much blew me off. I know this sounds awful but I have had a handful of not so great women doctors. I have had one bad male doctor, I will admit, but for the most part, all the guys have been great.
  • A few people expressed interest in knowing how Vibram FiveFinger shoes are; review coming soon!
  • My baby boy turns two this coming Sunday; I am both glad that he is older and totally sad to be losing my baby at the same time. I wish my sister and also, my brother-in-law would hurry it up and have babies so I can hold one again. (And smell them, because babies smell SOOOO good.)
  • His birthday means my parents and my sister and Justin are coming and do you know what that means? It means I’d better clean my house! Oy. Don’t look forward to that, let me tell you. But it’ll get done and then we’ll have a whole weekend full of eating and drinking and cake and, well, that’s pretty much it.
  • Anyway, that’s what I have for you folks. Below is your Man Candy, Erasmo Viana. No words, just… no words.

10 thoughts on “Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Bad docs, scheduled dates, growing up

  1. I was tempted to spill the beans with Princess Nagger about the Easter Bunny, but decided not to…I suspect she already knows, but then surprised me by some of her comments Easter morning indicating she’s still hanging on to that magic – at least for another year. 😉 Glad your Easter turned out awesome, too!

    I’ve had my share of horrible doctors – both male and female. Glad you got some answers!

    2 already?! Where does the time go? Sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up to celebrate! Good luck with cleaning the house. 😉

    Yummy Man Candy! 🙂

    RTT Rebel Badges, Easter Spoilage, Bear Basket Transformation, Regal Dentist Dude

  2. I remember the year I found out about the Bunny…I was probably old enough to know better, but I was hanging on for dear life. Worst Easter ever. I remember crying, and saying to my parents, “So…does this mean there’s no Santa either?!?” Devestating. lol

    And, as always, THANK YOU for the man candy. Yum.

  3. Jude totally does NOT want to know the truth about the bunny. I think he kind of knows it’s me, but he has chosen to be a “believer”. And that’s fine with me! Happy Birthday to baby boy!

  4. Turbo knows. We have told him he is not to spoil it for his brother. If he does he gets nothing from the bunny or Santa. We are hoping greed wins out over spilling the beans.

  5. I have a hard time with the Bunny and Santa but I still did it anyway because nobody in our family agrees with me.

    I’m curious about those shoes too.

    I have baby fever right now too. I want another one so bad!

    So, I’ve downloaded a suggested author from you! I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Since finishing 50 Shades, I’m in the mood to start another smut book asap! 😉

    HOLY HOTNESS! I’m seriously drooling! I’m thinking this will be what I picture while reading my next dirty book! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Congratulations on your running anniversary– it’s like a special anniversary for yourself. Treat yourself extra special. You deserve it.

    1. Ummm thanks for sharing that eye candy! And that’s awesome about your running anniversary! Such a great habit to have started, I’m hoping to one day do the same!

  7. sorry to hear about your doc blowing you off. I really can’t stand that about doctors. We know our own bodies better than anyone.
    Glad the kiddos had a good Easter!

  8. Two years of running, I have to say I’m envious. I so wish I could run…

    Happy birthday to your little man, I remember 2 and I think it’s a lot like 18, LOrd help me!

    THanks for linking up and for my weekly dose of eye candy…Man this sweet tooth of mine is gonna get me into trouble!

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