MMMM + Loong weekend recap

Let me first say that we had great weather all weekend. Cool throughout the days and sunny; beautiful.

I had nearly a three day weekend since the boys’ daycare was closed Friday. I worked in the AM, hit up the doctor, then went home. After nap, we hiked the mountain bike trails at Tom Brown park, which wore everyone out. Ash had a race super early on Saturday and was out of the house by 5 AM. Meanwhile, I made breakfast for the boys and we ran errands (Oh Target, how I do love thee) before meeting a friend of mine at the playground. By the time the boys had had enough, Ash was back home and we all ate lunch before a long nap. Since grocery stores would be closed on Sunday, we had to go shopping; what a pain that is before a holiday. The store barely had any parking spaces left!

On Sunday, the boys opened their Easter baskets and we went out to breakfast before hiding eggs in the yard for them. Elliot had been good all weekend and up through the hunt but after that, he just couldn’t hold it together any more. He was argumentative and annoyed throughout the rest of the day, but we managed. I had a good long run in the afternoon and Ash and I capped the evening off with three hours of River Monsters. Good time!



This week’s theme is ‘Songs that make you laugh.” Oh, I know a few of these but which to choose?

Ok, this first one comes from a show Mtv played year ago named Sifl and Olly. Wait for the song; trust me, it is worth it.

Next is a classic silly country song – Toby Keith’s I love This Bar

And another funny country song – Billy Currington’s Like My Dog

And no funny theme would be complete without a Weird Al song.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Loong weekend recap

  1. Great choices! Totally Weird Al all over the place today. Even I chose one of his. Great people think alike right! LOL That dog one is new to me, but it’s sure it funny. Great choices. Have a great week.

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