Friday Confessions – Still behind, catching up


I confess… I totally skipped Wednesday blogging because I had a field trip with my oldest and then I was super behind on work. I am still not up to speed but I have got to blog today.

I confess… I will be streaming CBS in my office sometime around 12:30 today so I can watch the FSU/St. Bonaventure game. Go Noles!

I confess… I don’t get a lunch break b/c I teach but I’m going to take one anyway and buy new running shoes. I think the wear is starting to affect me; my right foot is hurting in ways I have never felt before.

I confess… I have been thinking about my tattoo so much lately that each time I shave my legs and wear shorts, I feel like I should just bite the bullet and go into the shop.

I confess… I actually printed my design out at the size I want it to see if I’d like it on my leg; I frequently grab it in my office and “try it on” to see if I think it will look good on my inside right ankle area, though I keep thinking maybe right calf, since I already have one on my left calf. (In case you were wondering…: )

I confess…I have zero interest in grading my students’ papers today. But it’s been far too long and they’ll get mad if I don’t do it soon.

I confess… I am ready for this weekend. I’ve got AM running tomorrow with a friend and the weather should be super nice. I want to lay out and tan and get some cleaning done. And just spend time with the kids. This week has been BUSY!

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Still behind, catching up

  1. I am already bugging the hubby to get the pool up and let the water start getting warm! I have run every day this week except yesterday when I was too weak from sickness. I won’t today either cause I haven’t eaten in 36 hours! Hope you enjoy the weather! Stop by and check out my confessions!

  2. I’m connecting from Mamarazzi.
    I confess I feel the same about grading. I didn’t grade last night so I have to grade today. I hope your run was good.

    BTW, I’m not into tattoos personally; but if it’s been on your mind, I think you should just bite the bullet and do it. 🙂 I don’t think you’ll regret it; although I don’t know you.

    Hope you have a happy weekend.

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