Weekend of TRUCKS and MMMM

This weekend was dominated by four wheels: monster trucks and Ell’s four wheeler (PowerWheels). Ash and I had debated on taking them to the Monster Jam and at first it was money and then it was “are they old enough?” but then on Friday afternoon, one of Ell’s classmates’ mothers was picking him up and really talking about how fun that kid was going have there. SO of course, Elliot wanted to go even more. So it was set; we found good seats for not too much money and after a semi-lazy Saturday, went out to the Civic Center in the evening. I tell you, I had a great time. Having never been to such an event, I was excited by the other things they had going on, like little four wheeler races and this halftime “transformers” show. (Cars that actually transformed and “fought”.) Unfortunately, Isaac got a little overwhelmed and tired after about an hour and a half so Ash took him home but Ell and I caught a ride home with his friend, Peyton.

They were really freaking loud but it was fun. Lots of kids there and I am glad we decided to go after all.

Our forecast had called for it to rain from about noon on Saturday straight through Sunday. Except it only rained from about midnight Saturday until early Sunday AM.Can’t complain about that! While the kids napped and Ash played Magic, I laid out in the sun. It was intermittent but then evened out and I got a decent little tan. I got some of the below and I think it helped my skin retain some color.

The weather was beautiful all day but it got cooler last night, even as we were grilling steaks at 6 PM, the air was changing. This morning it is in the 40s but the sky is blue and beautiful. I have a ton of work today but since my sickness if finally cleared up and I have had coffee, this should all be attainable. Time to buckle down and get back on track after half-assing it while ill.



This week’s a freebie and I have been meaning to feature this song for a while. This is a new “country” group named Green River Ordinance. They play them on country stations but I think it’s more folky. Either way, I really dig the sound.


There you have it. Happy Monday!

9 thoughts on “Weekend of TRUCKS and MMMM

  1. This week I said I’m staying up until I’ve said hello to everyone (I work nights) and I”m glad I do. So many songs I’ve never heard before, and that I’ve added to my list to listen too. Thanks for sharing & have a great day!

  2. Wow, I haven’t thought about that in a long time. I used to type close-caption for Monster Truck Jam, and Speed too. Man, that sure was loud, and then trying to hear the voices, but the narrator who actually told what was going on it was so pictorial I felt like I was actually there & then when it was coming close as to who was going to win the faster I typed. It is exciting. I could imagine all the fun you guys had. It’s a very intense time. Thanks for sharing. Great song too! Thanks for playin’. See you next week.

  3. Yeah, I know I’m making my rounds a bit late. *blush* Boys and monster trucks! My son was fascinated with them when he was little. Thanks for the intro to the new band.Keep dancing the rest of the week and I’ll see you ON Monday.

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