Friday Confessional – Random bits

I confess… I skipped blogging yesterday because I had WAY too much to do. And Isaac was sick. I stayed home with him in the morning and went to work in the afternoon.

I confess… I just ate  a donut and I have not run almost at all this week, due to sickness.

I confess… this week sort of kicked my ass. Super busy and with the cold, I just felt so terrible and unlike myself. I need something to get back to normal but I don’t know what.

I confess… I started getting a list together of My Favorite Things in prep for the swap coming up via Mamarazzi, the wonderful host of this here Friday meme.

I confess… I have not even thought about Valentine’s Day stuff for school. As in, Ell’s cards, etc. I know they keep sending reminders about it and yet, I haven’t even read them!

I confess… I have been really nostalgic for High School lately, which is odd because whenever people ask if you’d go back and do it again, I emphatically yell “NO!”

I confess… I may actually watch the new season of The Voice. I didn’t watch last season but I am totally intrigued by the concept. And totally over American Idol.

I confess… I have been thinking about a vacation lately. A long one, far far away. But I doubt it’ll be happening. However, we will be going to the Georgia Aquarium in the next few months. Wee!

Ok, that’s what I have to confess. You?


8 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Random bits

  1. Oh i am right here with you on planning a looooong vacation far away. I actually planned one, and got shut down by my husband last night. I guess the couch and the community pool is really all we need this summer. Boo. Georgia Aquarium we did over christmas break!

  2. OMG… I have eaten like crud all week long and only run once! I am heading to the gym tomorrow and I know the run is going to kick my batooty since I haven’t run since Tuesday!

  3. i have a list started for the swap too…i love sharing MY favorite things!! i am super excited that you are playing!

    sorry you aren’t feeling well, everyone is sick right now! eat more donuts.

    thanks for linking up!!

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