Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Funk edition


I’d love to entertain you this week but I’m kinda boring. Read on if you wish then spread the random. Go on!

  • Honestly, I didn’t need that three day weekend. I have already had a hard enough time breaking into 2012; I don’t need more slack-off time.
  • Henceforth, I was in a total funk on Monday. Just out of sorts and feeling all blah.
  • BUT, we did take a nice walk in the afternoon while drinking margaritas, and then we watched Wall-E after Isaac went to bed.
  • Speaking of that movie, did you hear that the Hostess company – maker of Twinkies – is in financial trouble? I’m surprised by that. I mean, enough people probably still buy their delicious goodies, right?
  • On the topic of delicious, I had a serious craving for sushi last night. It was choose your own adventure for dinner anyway (Ash had Chef Boyardee straight outta the can, Ell had a chicken and cheese quesadilla, and Isaac had grilled cheese and apple sauce) so I called up a local sushi place and got take out. Got a spicy tuna roll and an Eel lovers, which was super tasty. It was exactly what I wanted!
  • After I ingested all that yummy food, I felt rather good about things, considering the way the day had gone. And I felt awake after a nap earlier so I was shocked when I napped during the movie. And then I fell asleep by 10:30 in bed. And THEN, when Ash finally turned off the TV at about 12:30, I was awake until 1:45. Sigh. What awful rest.
  • It’s kind of sad that I have no truly random things to report to you. My life lately has consisted of work, kids, work, some reading, and well, more work. And you know what they say about all work and no play…
  • OK OK that’s a lie. On Friday, Ash and I went to a local place to eat (had beer and hamburgers) then saw Contraband, which was good but not Shooter good, which is the movie against we all judge Marky Mark flicks. B/c Shooter was like Commando revisited. And Commando is the best action movie ever.
  • Blah. Just blah.
  • I have stared at my kettlebell every night since I got it but have yet to use it. Any suggestions on good, cheap instructional DVDs
  • I ate a pretty solid breakfast and I am still hungry. Hate these days; I cannot concentrate very well when all my brain thinks is “fooood”.
  • FYI: I did not watch the Golden Globes.
  • And because I could use these tips, here’s an article about getting more sleep from Lifehacker.

That’s all I can provide today; paper grading calls to me. Actually, it totally doesn’t and I’m about to force myself to read and respond. Le sigh. Oh, here’s Adam Ayash, a new boy on the model circuit who surely won’t disappoint. Yay for Man Candy!

10 thoughts on “Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Funk edition

  1. I hear you on the blah. I’ve been feeling the same way. Work, kids, a bit of reading, but nothing reportable or exciting. Blah.
    Sleep is elusive here too. Makes the day harder to deal with when all you are thinking about is napping.

  2. That is some niiiiiice man candy! Wow. Mmmm.

    Anyway….getting back to your post…

    You walked and drank margarita’s?? That’s brilliant! Why haven’t I done this yet?

    I hate kettlebells.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Yay for man candy!

    There must be something in the air – or maybe it’s this time of year with the post-holiday blues or something, because it’s definitely ‘blah-mode’ over here, too.

    You’re not alone on that whole elusive sleep thing – part of my dilemma is the hubby’s split schedule teaching, and being across the street from the fire hall. It’s turning into a no-win situation (and mega foggy brain syndrome). 🙂

    Skylanders Craze Part 2, Wishing for Snow and Advanced Potty Training: RTT Rebel

  4. The sushi sounds awesome! And I totally know the feeling when your brain is just constantly thinking about food and what you get to eat next. It happens to me just about every day.

  5. Lazy day here too! I think you’re absolutely right that the three-day weekend is too close to Christmas. I was just baaarrrrrrllyy getting back into the swing of things.

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