Days Go By

I won’t say the cliched “I can’t believe another year is gone!” but I will blog today because I like things like closure and tradition and whatnot. It only feels fitting that I should blog on the last day of 2011, a year in which I began by claiming I would blog every day. I did alright, actually. On average, I posted five days a week; every now and then, I threw in a weekend post. I think that’s all anyone can really ask for out of a writer who is also running 4-5 days a week and has a husband and two children. Not to mention about three jobs. Honestly, some days I have no idea how it all gets done!

I tend not to make New Year’s Resolutions but there are definitely some goals I need to set forth for 2012.

For starters, I’d love to get hosting on this blog. Though I realize this would require me to most definitely blog consistently, there are aspects of my life that are getting easier so it make allow for that. First, I have to figure out exactly how to do it!

I’d like to come up with and stick to a running plan that is manageable. I am not planning to train for any long races this year. (Not at this point.) In order to lose/maintain weight, I’ll still need to run four times a week but I don’t think three milers are going to help, not without also dieting a little more. I already choose healthier things but I don’t cut out “bad” things entirely. And I am way too attached to food as reward to just give up on sweets or greasy foods now and then.

Write more. Of course this is a goal for this year! This is my goal every year. In 2011, I wrote 38 single spaced pages on one novel and left it at that. I wrote a couple short stories for no purpose at all. My friend finished three Harlequin-length books and submitted a few to publishers. This, my friends, is a goal of mine.

Become financially stable. The side jobs I always pick up are good but I seem to scramble at the last minute (i.e. the months right before summer when I make less on my normal job). This year, I am teaching online starting in a week. That money goes towards the summer and anything else I can save up will make those horrible three months less stressful. This year, I will not fall into the same old patterns.

Be more patient. I have always had an issue staying calm. Now that the kids are at exceedingly exasperating ages, I have been tested on this time and again. This year, no more getting angry at them when not totally necessary (because something, it IS necessary). I am learning to count to ten, as cheesy as it sounds, and let them work their way through issues. Me getting annoyed and mad will not help them anyway.
Well, that looks like a good start. I was feeling sick last night but feel ok today. Going to run a nine miler and hang out with the family and enjoy what’s left of 2011. See you next year!

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