Random Talk to us Tuesday – Got Cold Again edition


Seriously ShawnI just might bitch and moan a little in this post. Bear with me.

  • Seriously, Florida weather. Get your shit together.
  • Also, I hate leaf season. My yard is COVERED in leaves and pine needles. Soon as I do something about it, we have another storm and the wind blows all that stuff right back to where it was. I want to move out of town to this neighbourhood where we used to garage sale; there are very minimal trees there!
  • Oh, did I mention that Elliot is sick? Yup. Started yesterday. It’s not like I didn’t see it coming; Isaac got sick over Thanksgiving. Yeah, he woke up Wednesday night with a raging fever and of course, not one single store was open that night. Truth be told, had we been in Tallahassee instead of Palm Beach Gardens, we’d have found at least one 24 hour/holiday CVS and/or a Walmart. Plus one for Tally.
  • When we got home from our whirlwind vacation, on Saturday I got out our Christmas decorations at Elliot’s request. This is by far the earliest I have ever put stuff up.
  • We have all original ornaments on our tree. Not one single shiny ball nor other basic tree decoration. I kind of like this. I had all mine from my childhood and I get them every year from my mom or aunt and then we went through a box of Ash’s family’s stuff and found more.
  • Oh yeah, and I was totally reluctant to try that Ellf on a Shelf thing because, well, it’s pretty creepy. I mean, this little elf watches you and supposedly goes away at night and comes back (the parents move him around to different spots in the house) and he tells Santa all the good and bad you do. I didn’t think Ell would like him – at first he was totally creeped out – and then he suddenly got it. He named the little dude Raphael (after the Ninja Turtle, of course) and on multiple occasions has he stopped himself from doing something bad, for fear the elf would see. So I am now a firm believer in the power of religion I mean, the Elf on the Shelf. (Same thing.)
  • Is anyone else completely suspicious of all coaches now? I wish all this accusation stuff amongst ball-players would just go away. But on that note, I am so glad the NBA will finally start in a few weeks. Thank God for another sport to watch as we near the end of football season, which eventually wears on me.

Ok folks, that’s all I’ve got. As a reminder, I am doing a Christmas Card exchange and f you’d like to participate, go to the post and follow the instructions. Thanks!

Oh! Almost forgot Man Candy. This is Zascha Knochell, an Australian underwear model. He’s not your traditional hunky guy but I find him intriguing nevertheless. Happy Tuesday!

15 thoughts on “Random Talk to us Tuesday – Got Cold Again edition

  1. I am not a fan of the Elf on the Shelf.

    My elf came from Elf Magic and they are not creepy looking at all. Ours only communicate with Santa via email and they only went back to the North Pole ONE time when the kids had been REALLY naughty.

    I hope your kiddos get well soon!

  2. He’s kind of cute and cuddlely, in a rugged manly way.
    WE are finally done with leaf season here–all our trees are bare and now I just want it to snow and the snow to stay on the ground–white is so much prettier than brown.

  3. Oh my he is still a hunk! I hear you on the leaves. My husband went and took care of all of ours and came out the next day and it looked like he hadn’t done a thing! Hope that you have a wonderful day!

  4. The Elf on the Shelf definitely looks kind of creepy, but I’ve heard nothing but success stories when he’s hanging around. I should’ve got one for my sister’s kids!

    Thanks for the pic of that hottie…he’s TOTALLY up my alley!!

  5. Oi, it took me a year and a day to find your comment button. I seriously need more sleep this holiday season.

    My tree looks like Hallmark threw up on it (well it would if we had a tree, but since we aren’t going to be here, and my husband works 7 days a week until Christmas, and hence would forget to water said tree after I head west with the kids, no tree this year!) MIL always buys everyone an ornament every year from hallmark. I grew up with a themed elegant tree.

    I want my elegant tree damnit.

    Elf on a Shelf….fingers flying to go get me one of those to keep my kids in line this wonderful holiday season.

  6. Balls are banned from my Christmas tree. I would rather have a quirky personal tree than stupid balls. For years I have been collecting ornaments. Every time I get one, I pitch a ball out. 😉

  7. The elf on the shelf is almost as creepy as college coaches! I love that you have all original ornaments with meaning. That’s what we do too. We have balls…..but they have meaning 😉 Happy Tuesday!

  8. Holy Hotness. I had plenty to say and then you posted that pic and I can’t take my eyes off his….muscles. WOW.

    Ok, so everyone is talking about Elf on the Shelf. Emma is too young this year but maybe next year I’ll try it. Do you like doing it?

    I bet your tree is so cute! You should take a pic and post it. Original ornaments is a great idea. I get Emma an ornament every year and write the date on the back. That way, she’ll have her ornaments when she leaves me someday. =(

    Thanks for linking up!! I’m going slightly crazy in Oklahoma right now so I’m sorry I’m just now commenting!

  9. So sorry about the sick kids. Nothing worse around the holidays. We have really special ornaments too, and I love it. Unpacking them every year is such a treat!

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