Friday Confessional – Post Turkey Coma edition

PhotobucketI confess… I did NOT overeat on Thanksgiving. I ate just the right amount, though I wish I could have stuffed a few more spoonfuls of everything into my gullet.

I confess… I am VERY ready to get home. We drove the 2 hours plus last night from Palm Beach back to Orlando and we’ll go back to Tally tonight.

I confess… I actually really like hanging out in my parents’ house without them here. It’s some much needed quiet time I think I needed. Even though the kids are with me, it’s just our family here.

I confess…that I also like having access to all their cable channels and stocked pantry.

I confess… I really don’t want to go shopping later but Ash likes it. As I recall, last year we went around 11 AM and most of the hardcore nutjobs  shoppers had dispersed. I have only ever done really early Black Friday shopping once and I absolutely hated it. I hate crowds and I hate waiting.

I confess… I’m worried about Isaac, though I think he only has a cold. His fever spikes then levels out, his eyes are watering and he’s congested. But he seems to feel fine during the day or after meds.

I confess… We’ll probably put up our tree tomorrow and that’s earliest I have EVER done it. I’m usually a first week of December/when the spirit hits me kind of gal.

And finally,  I confess that I will be super happy to be done with all this driving!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Post Turkey Coma edition

  1. Our Boxing Day shopping is like your Black Friday…CRAZY. I went years ago, and the crowds almost made me sick. I will never do that again…

    Christmas Tree going up tomorrow! Can’t wait!! This is pretty early for me too…But the spirit is really in me this year, it seems to be with a lot of people!! I don’t ever remember Christmas trees going up in homes mid-November before, but that’s been the case in my town this year…

  2. We are waiting to go get our tree until next weekend. It’s just to early this year to do it this weekend, especially with a real tree. I want it to have some of the needles still attached by New Years.

  3. We put our tree up yesterday. I normally don’t put it up this early at all but I couldn’t help myself this year. I hope you are all done with driving by now!

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