Exit Wounds

I don’t know why but I thought that would be a good title for a memoir. Like, coming out on the other side of things.

It’s probably already taken. And isn’t that a Steven Seagal movie?

Anyway, this week has been downright HELLISH. The posts I did earlier in the week about the disagreement with my co-workers don’t even begin to explain what all REALLY went down. But at this point, I am so entirely OVER the way this week’s turned out that I can’t bring myself to rehash it. Suffice to say, it’s been wholly unpleasant at work. I’m not one to really feel embarrassed but this week, I was.

Yesterday afternoon, I’d pretty much had enough and I went home at 3, threw on running clothes, and logged my five miles. It was rough though; I guess I hadn’t eaten enough (bagel w/ cream cheese for breakfast, 290 calorie Lean Cuisine for lunch, and some peanuts) so by the halfway point, all I could think about was food. I wanted toast and peanut butter and honey and ice cream. My lower calves ached and my throat was dry and I was never so happy to reach my front door. I walked inside, took off my running shirt, shoes, and ipod, popped some bread in the toaster and doused it in orange blossom honey. Coupled with an Odwalla strawberry protein smoothie, I was immensely sated.

Even though work has been awful, home life has been pretty darn good. Elliot, though going through some awful four year old phase wherein he’s an even bigger asshole than previously thought, has been somewhat bearable. Isaac’s as cute as ever; dinner has gone smoothly all week, and Ash and I have put in some good evening hours with Friends. All in all, my evenings have been therapeutic for my days this week. I even enjoyed laundry because at least no one forgot my food order. or asked if I was “dissin’ them”.

I keep thinking that something great is going to happen really soon because it can only be bad for so long, you know? And these kinds of bad weeks remind me to just be thankful for all I have because – my God – I really am pretty well-off, in the whole big scheme of things.



2 thoughts on “Exit Wounds

  1. I’m so sorry you are having bad days at work. That sucks the big one. But at least home is well.

    4 is hard. I thought things would get better at 4, but the didn’t. Not until 5, do my kids take the chill pill. Good that things are getting better for you!

    It’s always nice to be able, even on a crappy week, to sit back and see that life isn’t so bad. This too, shall pass. Cheers!

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