Friday Confessional – I Need to Chill Out edition

PhotobucketI confess… I have felt simply exasperated by my children this week. It’s been very hard not to get angry with them.

I confess… I put myself in time-out so I didn’t lose it with the kids.

I confess… I tried to do a budget for the next several paychecks and it totally fried my brain. It was all making sense at first but then my eyes went blurry and I just had to stop.

I confess… After that budgeting fiasco, I went home and zoned out. I got on the couch and napped for an entire 30 minutes! And it was so… quiet. And peaceful. And then the kids came home.

I confess… I got so irritated by Elliot that I started cleaning. And I totally cleaned our desks in the office. I felt pretty damn good about that.

I confess… I tend to clean when I get in that state. Sometimes I fear that I can’t get started unless I AM upset…

I confess… I feel kind of emotional today. And I am nervous for Ash; he’s taking a certification test.

I confess… I actually WANT to do my run that I have tomorrow morning. I think I may have officially lost it.

Ok, that’s what I have. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We’re supposed to have much cooler temps and I am stoked!

9 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – I Need to Chill Out edition

  1. I tried to do a budget the other night – and it was definitely hard on me. My brain was fried too. And I’m single. Imagine if I was trying to budget for a family… eeek.

  2. When I budget, it makes me sick. I hate doing it.

    My kids have been like that too. Just so annoying and fighting with each other all the time. I blame fall. lol!

    Hope you have a great weekend! And get to “me” time!

  3. Will you be mad if I say it sounds like PMS? And the only reason I say that is because I cried after my 15 year old told me “you dont’ like to be challenged.” Apparently the mere mention of being challenged, challenges me and I break down in tears…
    But if being emotional meant a clean house, I think I’d welcome it. My house is still a disaster…because I’m here…blogging…see the pattern…

  4. oh man i am the same way when i am irritated or annoyed, gotta clean. it’s a MUST!! makes me feel so so so so so much better!!

    thanks for linking up!! sorry i am sooo slow getting here, life keeps getting in the way!

    OH, i also wanted to let you know that the My Happy List link party is moving to Tuesdays starting October 11, i would LOVE for you to play!

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