My Book Boyfriend – Let’s revisit this meme edition

Been away from this one for a while, mostly because I haven’t been reading. I got a little caught up in the running and all that other stuff. BUT, then Tuesday September 6th came out and a book I previously ordered (Rock Hard) showed up on my doorstep and two books from my favorite authors came out.

SO, this week I choose Adrian Brown from Lauren Dane’s final installment in the Brown Series, Never Enough. And I tell you right now, I don’t care WHAT people are saying on the Goodreads reviews, I think Dane nailed it once again in this book. Y’all just don’t know what makes for good tension apparently.

Ahem! Anyway, I think the guy on the book’s cover:

is A+ perfect for Adrian but I have to pick someone else SO, I chose model Noah Mills:

Summary of plot: Gillian’s now dead sister once slept with Adrian and only on her deathbed, after 13 years, did she reveal to Gillian that Adrian was the dad of the son said deadbeat sister gave up at birth; the one Gilliam raised. When she found out who the dad was, she felt it was her responsibility to tell her son and to tell Adrian. Aaaaand go from there.

Gillian and Adrian got off to a rocky start but then when they finally jumped that hurdle, they found out they had some insane chemistry. There’s so many good lines and – suffice to say – this book is totally worth a read. I even cried a little at the end. It had to do with being the mother of sons and well, family in general. But a hot hero doesn’t hurt any!

6 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend – Let’s revisit this meme edition

  1. Oh, good lord. Can I come to your house and personally thank you for revisiting this meme and posting these pictures of Noah! I’ll even bring cookies.

    *drools all over self*

    I heard so really good things about this book. I’m surprised that doesn’t show on GR.

  2. You have great taste I had Adrian as my book boyfriend last week (it’s ok we can share him) he is so completely drool worthy. I love the Brown family!

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