Out of sorts/Thursday 13

We watched “Limitless” last night. I didn’t want to, mostly because Bradley Cooper’s face makes me want to punch it, but Ash has been jonesing to see this movie forever. But there was a moment, right after he takes the first pill, when he says something to the effect of  “Everything just seemed clear and I knew what I had to get done.” For a second, I was intrigued by this idea. How much house cleaning could I get done on a pill like that? How much writing? How many miles could I run? But it would be cheating, I know. But the part about clarity struck a chord for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m going through the motions. If I am particularly stressed about something, my days are like torture because always running in the back of my mind is the worry about whatever it is that bothers me.  I’m juggling so many balls that I can’t focus on any one thing and do any of them well. Everything is just a blur.

I’m coming to the end of the money drought but it is still four weeks away until I have a real, true full paycheck. In two weeks I get job #1 in full and job #2 half. That’s an improvement but god, I wish I just had one job that paid a lot. It’s not like I haven’t looked but you all know: jobs are scarce. My sister goes back and forth between having one and two jobs. She works full-time at Yankee Candle and her boyfriend is a cook at a sports bar. He works double shifts and they are still struggling. I know it could be worse but times are bad. It’s cheesy and I have done it before but here are 13 things I am thankful for. Reminding myself of them does help to regain my sense of balance; helps me to center.

  1. Cheaper daycare! Elliot dropped about 85 bucks when he started VPK. (and 15% off that due to sibling discount. Rock!)
  2. Books. Real ones that I can hold in my hands.
  3. Evenings when the kids are happy and play together.
  4. Free stuff.
  5. Quiet. When everyone has gone to bed and the house only hums with electricity.
  6. Random acts of kindness.
  7. Mom and Pop restaurants.
  8. Vitamins. (Hey, they work.)
  9. Job/family/car/paychecks. All in one because really, who ISN’T thankful for this stuff??
  10. Football (Ok ok, cut me some slack. it’s almost Fall and football makes this season.)
  11. Music that makes me feel better.
  12. My blogging friends who comment.
  13. Target. I just love shopping there.

I know there are many more things to be grateful for but there ya go. Happy Thursday, everyone.

5 thoughts on “Out of sorts/Thursday 13

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! Real, actual books, that you can hold, relax with, don’t get hysterical if you accidentally drop on the floor or leave behind somewhere! And can put on a shelf afterwards.

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