Bits of my weekend + MMMM

An odd mix of good and bad. There were semi-catastrophic moments mixed with some purely magical ones.

I ran on Saturday; 4 miles with a couple friends. We decided not to do trails but just my normal road course and I had a particularly good run. Whether it was the metric ton of rice I consumed on Friday or the GU I scarfed 10 minutes before, I don’t know. But I felt great after. The late afternoon took us to Sports Authority to buy a canopy for Ell’s birthday and then Ash took the Boy swimming while Isaac and I began dinner. But that’s when the water we found earlier in the week in the hallway became much more that what we had suspected. I figured a dog had peed there. The floor boards there have a slightly bigger gap than the rest because the previous owner didn’t do them right so the water was seeping up each time we stepped. Well, that day, I noticed a spot of water on the carpet just inside Elliot’s room.

That’s when I panicked.

I remembered my neighbours having a leak under their hardwood so I called over and theirs had been a backup in the A/C drainage lines. Sure enough, that’s what it was. We had to call after-hours service repair, so that wasn’t cheap but it did cost less than I imagined. I was stressing out though, that’s for sure. I almost didn’t go to my friend’s Passion Party because of it but Ash said he had it under control. I was just worried because the guy was slated to come at 7 PM; right when Isaac goes to bed.

Everything turned out fine though and I went out. (no pictures of that. Though, I have one of the penis straws on my cell phone. LOL.) On Sunday morning, Ash ran and the boys and I picked up bagels then did a little morning kitchen dancing. (Toddler dancing is by far one of the funniest things.) I got a lot done even before I did an hour of yard work and THEN mowed. In the afternoon, the boys and I ran errands and ate limeade popsicles in the front yard, right before a storm. It was dark and windy but they still kicked the ball around in the freshly mown grass and held onto the remaining summer days. Soon, we’ll all be too busy for these moments, I think.

Elliot starts VPK (Pre-K, technically) on the 22nd. I’m doing some online training, college begins on the 29th, and the business will be picking up soon here with some weddings. Fall is right around the corner. Though it is still stifling during the day, we’ve had some lower 80s nights, which indicate that this heat won’t last forever and soon, I’ll be buying the kids new jeans and hoodies.



It’s a freebie week so I’m picking Jason Aldean – The Truth. I just like the sound of this song and the message is kind of poignant.

7 thoughts on “Bits of my weekend + MMMM

  1. Your weekend was jammed pack with events and the water leak would have freaked me out. Glad it ended relatively well. No one likes to have to put money out on unexpected breakdowns but water leaks can lead to a lot of serious problems.

    Loved the song, never heard it before!!!

  2. Alls well that ends well or something like that! Thanks for playing along with us today because that’s a terrific video you’ve picked. Hope to see you next week too! Have a great week.

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