WWTK Wednesday – Busy as all get-out edition

PhotobucketA bit late getting this posted today because ::gasp!:: I had work to do as soon as I got in. Insane! Feel like playing along? Click the button above! And your co-host can be found at: Queso!

{1} If you could be on any game show what would it be?

Tough one, actually. If I could make it onto Jeopardy, I’d say that. If not, I’d want to go on Price is Right, but only when Bob barker was the host. OR, Supermarket Sweep. Remember that one?? I used to have dreams I was running through the store trying to buy as much as possible.
{2} If you could choose to stay any certain age forever, what age would it be?

You know what age I liked? Right around 26/27. We were married, had a house, but no kids yet. I was in shape and we did a lot of physical stuff. If I could stay that age longer, I think I would accomplish a lot.Circa 2006

{3} What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

I was at a little deli place downtown buying a bagel when my debit card got declined because a check from A MONTH ago finally went through. SIGH. Luckily, they know me there and let me do an IOU.

{4} What would I find in your fridge right now?

A whole lot of fruit, two kinds of milk, some pickles, yogurt, and Lunchables. Maybe some leftovers.  We’re never very stocked up. (Not my pic but this is similar)

{5} If you were a piece of furniture what would you be? why?

I would be a kitchen table. A really sturdy butcher block type table because I am useful for many different things in the house and I serve the family for  its most basic needs.

10 thoughts on “WWTK Wednesday – Busy as all get-out edition

  1. Good answers. 🙂 I like those game shows too.

    I had to smile when I saw the picture of books above because they are the same kind I used to sell when I was a bookseller.

  2. I loved the Price is Right. Watching that one brings back those days when I was little and got to stay home sick and watch game shows on TV.

  3. I love the table answer- but I would totally think we were going to starve to death. What do you do when you get a craving and it’s not there? LOL everyone thinks I am nuts and ready for the zombie apocalypse (I am).

  4. I remember Supermarket Sweep! I think it would be so fun to be just let loose in a store and be able to grab whatever you could like that!

  5. I remember Supermarket Sweep! That was from back in the day! Yeah, I wouldn’t mind playing that one, but I would end up losing because I’d spend too much time arguing with my husband about which aisle the hand soap was in!

  6. i loved all of your answers!! and i TOTALLY remember supermarket sweep! i used to watch that and shop til you drop! and i loved your answer about the kitchen table, so true!!

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