MMMM – M themed day


I opened up iTunes to kick start my brain for the M theme this week but, well, I had barely any M artists! So I actually had to use my brain. I went on a little trend here with these so let’s go.

First one: Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack. Great song!

Second one! Mase. I really loved this song early in college. Let’s not date me though, ok? I’m old.

Third one! Maxi Priest – Close to You. Very sexy song.

OK, cool. So, hope you enjoyed those on this Monday morning. I was going to do the drawing for my book giveaway but I think I’ll extend it until Wednesday, to make it a whole week. Check it out and enter to win!

3 thoughts on “MMMM – M themed day

  1. Ooops Sorry! I was getting down to the beat here! HI How’s goin? Luvin your groove here. Great pickins’ I’d say. Thanks for playing along with us today and hope to see you next week too! Hugsssssssssss Have a great day!

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