Where the hell am I?

Man, something just felt off about my weekend, though I can’t put my finger on it. We tumbled towards the end of the one child week and before I knew it, we hovered on the edge of going back to normality. But not before Friday night when Ash held a LAN party.  I only partook in one game (Unreal Tournament) before heading to my room to read. Saturday morning I took Isaac out a few places so Ash could sleep some and by about 1, 1:30, my parents arrived, bringing Elliot home. We got some boiled peanuts and went to their hotel to swim before coming back to my place and having “Taco-ageddon” as I called it.

Sunday morning we met them for breakfast and then my parents – uncharacteristically – left town early. I was actually sort of thankful for it because I was in a horrible horrible mood. I typically don’t care for Sundays anyway but I was just not feeling like myself. Emotions are dumb; pulling myself from a slump sucks. I managed though. The boys had lunch then we went to Target. Elliot took his nap and Isaac slept for about 45 minutes, which allowed me to suspend my fruit in Jell-O to create my Talbot in a jar from True Blood. I had to bring a themed dish to a party so I sunk fruit into raspberry Jell-O to simulate liquefied vampire. I even had a cool sign! Anyway, while the kids slept, I went out to my car and cleaned it. I wiped it down with Armor-All cleaning wipes and felt so much better about myself! Ash drove it a week or so ago and said it looked kind of junky. I was offended until I realized just how dirty the inside had gotten in the past almost 5 years. It DID looks pretty bad! But after all, it is a vehicle meant to cart kids around.

The clean car coupled with a new case for my phone (17 cents on Amazon!) really brought my mood up. Then the power went out. Sigh. The boys were restless, it was dark as night at only 4:30, the storm was fierce, and Ash ended up having to pick food up for the kids because I couldn’t cook in time to leave for my True Blood affair. But that was really awesome and it was nice to get out of the house.

But all those things we did this weekend that veered from the norm helped me feel like I was lost in my own life. I forgot to do some laundry, I was just discombobulated. Though I am happy to be back here at work, where I can hopefully get back on track, mentally anyway. It’s the first day of Summer C classes, which means a lot more people will be around. It’s the first time I haven’t  taught during this session. I need to make a to-do list, I tell you what. That’s where my workday begins. Right now.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Where the hell am I?

  1. “Talbot in a Jar” – that is awesome! I’ll be interested to read what you thought about the premiere. It was pretty action-packed.

  2. I know how you feel, when things just don’t go the way you had planned–even if you didn’t really plan–it can blow your whole mood.
    My weekend was–well, let’s just say it had it’s ups and downs.

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