Random Tuesday – Teetering


Ok folks, once again it’s time to link up and spew your random. Since The Unmom is on hiatus indefinitely (honestly, will she be back??) we’re giving praise to Stacy above. All hail!

  • I feel like I am balancing on the edge of something that could end up good OR bad. I don’t know what IT is but I have a hunch. I guess life could be explained this way – duh – things could always go good or bad. Maybe I mean I have a feeling that I’m just anticipating something that could be this way.
  • I just had a conversation with a fellow parent/co-worker that ranged from anime to Publix employees to toy trains to hippies. It really took up some time!
  • Isaac’s daycare lady has a beautiful gardenia bush in her front yard so the last few days, I have taken a flower with me and brought it into work. The smell reminds me of my grandmother who always liked to gather them and float the flowers in a glass bowl on her kitchen table.
  • I forgot to pay the tuition for Junior Gym at Elliot’s daycare. I hope they’ll accept it tomorrow! Ell loves that stuff; tumbling and running around like a fool. 🙂
  • The A/C is doing something funky in our building. Normally, my office is 73 and comfortable. Right now it is 77 and humid. *gack* Yesterday it was 80 and I sweat just sitting here.
  • I really like Josh Turner’s voice: Would you go with me. Also, he’s pretty cute.
  • My office manager’s husband sells barbecue for a living. They make a pretty good amount off of it and we keep asking her to bring some in for us and yet, she never does. Argh.
  • Did I mention I saw Thor twice this weekend? Yeah, totally did. I saw the first episode of Star Wars (in 98? ’99?) eight times in the theater.
  • I have a student in my class this semester whose name is Lexus. /eyeroll.

Ok, that’s what I got. I recently became interested in Josh Slack, an Abercrombie model. His shoots with chicks make him look a lot hotter but I’m not interested in posting chicks. Nothing against them but this is Tuesday MAN Candy, naturally. Let’s keep it pure.

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Teetering

  1. You’ve got me curious as to what ‘IT’ is…hope it’s the good kind! 😉

    That’s cool you bring in a Gardenia each day and are reminded of your grandmother – mine used to float them in a glass bowl, too! 🙂

    I always hated the A/C where I used to work, too – never seemed to work right, so I always had to have a little fan at my desk so I wouldn’t be all sweaty – 77 and 80 inside a building too hot and muggy! 🙂

    Josh Turner is cute – and has an awesome voice, doesn’t he? 🙂

    That is some amazing Man-Candy!! 🙂

    Thanks for rockin’ the random rebellion with me! 🙂

    Addicted to Technology, Mother’s Day – RTT Rebel

  2. Anything that lets kids work off some of that energy is a good thing.
    Love that low voice that Josh Turner has. Makes me feel all yummy inside.
    The Man candy looks all broody and sweaty. It’s nice to have eye candy on Tuesdays.

  3. I love the smell of gardenia. I get cranky when I’m hot. It’s best for those around me to keep it cool and put on a sweater if necessary. Lexus?? Parents should really think twice and be kind when naming children.

  4. I want to unbutton his jeans. My roomie went out of town and turned the a/c off. It took me three days before I noticed it was 83 in my house and he has it normally set to 70. Yeah. I’m that smart.

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