Random Tuesday – Face explosion edition


  • Last Monday I went into the doctor because I thought I was getting a sinus infection but she said you’d have to have those symptoms a while so she said it was probably just a cold. Well, a week later, I still have them. She said I could call back and they’d call in an Rx for antibiotics. I was REALLY trying to avoid that. My face really feels as if it could explode any second. Like, bits of matter just flying straight out from the center of my face. What a mess that would be.
  • Parent of the year right here! Saturday, I felt awful. And so did Ash. I got up with the kids and two hours later, Isaac went down for his nap and I crawled back in bed. Elliot was playing in his room so I remained in a sort of half-conscious state. He came in a few times and I remember telling him I’d take him to the store when I woke up. Two hours later I went into his room and he had fallen asleep on his bed with his shoes on, all ready to go. I nearly cried.
  • Teething + diaper rash = the suck.
  • 11 more posts until I hit 1000 on my tumblr.
  • Bones officially got renewed for a 7th season!
  • I have a ham, egg and cheese biscuit from a local little restaurant and Oh Em Gee is it ever tasty.
  • There’s a little video circulating that cracks me up.
  • Is anyone watching that show The Voice? I’m really tempted to.
  • Elliot actually earned himself a reward sticker yesterday. While he was on yellow at school he was great at home. It could have something to do with me actually entertaining him. I can’t be in that good of a mood every night, you know??
  • Cinco de Mayo is coming up and you know what I’ll be doing? Running. Not drinking beer. Sigh.
  • I know the above is better for me but drinking beer is way more fun.

Ok that’s it. Time to flash you the Man Goods for the week. This is Toby Barnett from Australia. I am diggin’ the cowboy look lately and he’s got it locked up. Hoo boy.

7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Face explosion edition

  1. Sinus infections are the worst. I’ve had many of them. They sap all your energy because they take all your energy just to catch a breath….

    Hope you feel better real soon!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Sinus infections are just plain awful. I get them a couple of times a year and hate that feeling your head or face is about to explode. Hope you feel better soon!!

    Awwww! Poor little guy! I probably would have cried.

    Yay!!! For Bones getting renewed for a 7th season – I LOVE that show!

    I’m not sure if I’ll watch the Voice yet…

    YUMMMMMMY man candy!!

    Thanks again for rockin’ the random rebellion with me! 😉

    Blogger’s Elbow, Fun School Projects – RTT Rebel

  3. Woo Hoo for Bones!
    Kids have that knack of doing the one thing that will cut your heart out.
    That is some damn fine eye candy there!

  4. Fine eye candy indeed.
    I’m going to be needing some Orajel cause I can feel a sore tooth coming on.

    There is actually a good herbal alternative for sinus infections, called Sinupret. I hear they have it in the States too. Was very helpful to me in the past and was able to avoid antibiotics.

  5. YAY!!! bones! I was so excited when we got cable back and it was still running. I’m glad they renewed.
    Sinus infections? Tis the season,. My kids are also suffering. My Mr6 got off the bus crying that his head hurt.

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