Opportunities, the future, etc…

I recently stumbled upon a possible employment opportunity while looking for other online teaching. My friend, who does all her work online, mentioned to me some great sites for writing tutors and so I set off to hunt down good sites. In the process, I started to wonder whether or not my children will be good at English and writing. I always was, since my mother had also been an English major. She didn’t force me to learn the correct way to spell or use proper grammar but it was something  I took pride in; I liked learning these things from her.

Elliot is already pretty good with his letters. He’s working on writing his name and can  write E very well. Like all parents, I hope for him to succeed in the things I particularly enjoy and find important. I think being able to write well and convey your thoughts through the written word is highly important to life success. I mean, I work with people who can barely craft a sensible email let alone spell correctly.

The most important thing – I think – is for them to be well-rounded and possess a lot of different skill sets. I hope they enjoy writing but I also hope they can do algebra and figure out chemistry equations too. And that’s the cool thing about having kids: knowing there’s this unknown future ahead of them, one in which they can be anything, accomplish anything and right now, it’s all wide open and can be made into whatever they want.

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