Laying it on the line – Friday Confessional


GlamazonOk, here goes:

I confess… I totally played hooky from work yesterday. They already thought I was going to be out so I went home after a few hours. I: washed every dirty dish we had, cleaned the bathrooms, swept all the floors, vacuumed all the rugs, dusted, washed towels and sheets, blew the polleny crud off the back deck and scrubbed dog nose crust from the glass doors.

I confess…I wish I hadn’t screwed up my swap application; I was looking forward to collecting my favorite things. Though I confess also that I didn’t read very carefully, which is a sin as far as I’m concerned. I preach to my students about reading directions…

I confess...I am only working a half day today because Ash and I are going to go have Japanese (purely coincidental; my thoughts are with the earthquake/tsunami peeps) and then to see a movie. I only wish it were warmer. 35? WTF is this, March??

I confess… it’s really tempting to take some of this money I made on ebay and buy myself some clothes, though I know it has to go towards our trip.

I confess… I am slightly disappointed that we aren’t going to make it to Hawaii. But San Fransisco will be cool; we have a friend who works for Google and he’s already said he’ll treat us to lunch or dinner at the Googleplex.

I confess… I am a little more excited about seeing the Google compound than maybe I should be.

I confess…I’m paying a guy to trim my front hedges and clear our this planter area when I am quite capable of doing this work myself.

I confess…I am totally not ready to go back to teaching next week. I haven’t got the motivation to face those kids.

Ok, kiddos, that be it. Head on over and confess your deepest darkest transgressions. Or you know, whatever’s on your mind. Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “Laying it on the line – Friday Confessional

  1. My confessions will be up soon. Sounds like the spring cleaning bug bit you. But it will be nice to have everything clean when surgery happens. Our spring break is next week. It makes the blow of the time change just a bit kinder.

  2. I’d be stoked about the Google complex as well…hell I’d just be stoked KNOWING someone who works for Google. They SPOIL their employees!

    I wish I had played hookie this week when we had our terrible snow storm, I would’ve been more productive cleaning my house than I was at work for sure.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great confessions. Booyah to you for getting all that done! My place needs a good scrubbing so you’re welcome to stop by! 😉 I can pay you with lots of generic coffee!!

  4. I am so very late visiting everyone.

    This seems to be something I say a lot.

    So PLEASE forgive the drive by comment.

    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your participation in the Friday Confessional linky party.

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