Friday Confessional – Did I Do That?



Did anyone catch the above Steve Urkel reference? If not, you’re either much older than me or too young to remember the 90s. I found that my current college freshmen students have little to no recollection of the 90s. It’s…weird.

I confess… that I’m skipping out on a birthday party for one of Elliot’s classmates today. Who plans a 4 year old’s birthday party for 5-7 PM on a Friday night??

I confess… I’m going to sell some of my comic books. It’s because I need money.

I confess… I’ve spent an obscene amount of time listening to Soundgarden this week. I have apparently channeled my 15 year old self.

I confess… After I got comics yesterday, I ate an Arby’s beef ‘n’ cheddar. Not as good as I remember but then again, it’s been a LONG time.

I confess… I was supposed to work out last night and I didn’t. I watched some basketball, took an allergy pill and went to sleep.

I confess… I don’t want to be at work today. Spring Break begins next week (which means people are already gone) and I have the burning desire to shop the clearance racks in the Target kids’ section.

I confess… I really hope Mamarazzi announces her swap during the week and not the weekend because then I might miss out on it because I honestly don’t go on the net as much.

I confess… I’m about to engage in a rousing game of Bejeweled until I can motivate myself to do work.

Have a good weekend, people!

13 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Did I Do That?

  1. I didn’t work out last night either! I was pooped man! This coughing thing I have is kicking my butt.

    Here’s to a good workout tonight! šŸ˜‰ Happy Friday!!

  2. I never watched that show, but did get the reference. I was in college in the nineties and had other priorities.
    A Friday night birthday for a four year old? Not really thinking there.
    Our spring break is week after next. I work at a university. It will be a ghost town by the end of next week.

  3. How can you miss the 90’s? UGH, hate getting old sometimes.
    I say skip class, cuz you know that at least 60% are going to anyway! Shopping is much better anyways!
    Love soundgarden! Now I need to listen to them. LOL!
    So, what do you teach?

  4. I caught the Steve Urkel reference!! I loved Family Matters!

    Um yeah, what’s with kids birthday parties during the week in the evenings?! I don’t understand that. A friend of mine always has her boys birthday parties on Friday nights. So weird. That’s like when you have an adult party, not a kid party!

    I love Bejeweled! I can waste HOURS on that game!

  5. I caught the Erkel reference. Should that make me feel old? The 90’s seem like just yesterday to me. Maybe that’s cuz I have the mentality of a 14 year-old.

    I need money too, but unfortunately I have nothing to sell. Except my body. But, nobody wants that. šŸ˜›

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Family Matters was one of my favorites!

    My boyfriend and I have been recently downsizing his comic collection of 20+ years..What sort of things do you read? We’ve had some success selling combined lots on Ebay.

    Hope you have a nice week!

    1. I read almost exclusively DC titles: Batman and all its related and then just a few indie ones. I sold a couple on Ebay this weekend, actually. šŸ™‚

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