A good, good weekend


I meant to do this yesterday but I was busy doing half the stuff on this list! Here’s what’s awesome this week:

  • Elliot and I went by Tomatoland and got fruit and veggies and also, a bag of boiled peanuts. We then went to Dorthy B. Oven park and walked the little path through the gardens and ate our peanuts on a wooden bridge. It was nice to spend time with just him.
  • Eating at Momo’s pizza with the kids. Elliot behaved, Isaac was happy because we were sitting outside. And I got a beer that went straight to my head. We went over to Tasty Pastry after and got sweets. I had a red velvet cupcake and 2/3 boys got cookies. 🙂
  • A nap was had by all when we got home.
  • Ash and Ell washed the car while Elliot and I lazed around under blue skies.
  • Some of Ash’s friends showed up unannounced – which annoyed me- but I ended up talking to one of heir girlfriends about romance novels.
  • The combine is on NFL network this week and for some reason, I really love watching it.
  • If this sun comes out today, I’m taking Isaac to the same park to do a photoshoot like I did with Elliot when he was this age. I love taking pics.

That’s it for now. More happy moments to come today. 🙂 Happy Weekend!

5 thoughts on “A good, good weekend

  1. I like your list! You have been having some fun! You and I have the same educational background. I am a former English teacher and a SAHM now. I am also taking some art classes for fun. So…what’s the scoop on the romance novels? I love to read, and I blog about books every Friday in my Literary Friday posts. 😀

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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