Bounce houses, sleep, lawn mowers

Here are some pics from the weekend; I forgot my camera when we went to Elliot’s friend’s house to play so they’re grainy phone pics.

It was actually nice out on Saturday; maybe low 70s and in the sun, so delightful. Elliot and his buddy played for about three hours while I sat with my friend, Courtney, and her mom, chatting. She’s due to have another baby any day now so I’m glad we got to hang out before that dreaded six weeks post-birth. Those are, by far, the hardest weeks of having a newborn/infant. Sigh. Don’t miss ’em, that’s for sure.

Our weekend was pretty good, I have to say. Ash and I had Mexican on Friday then saw The Mechanic, which was a decent action flick, though a little rushed in the end. We had some quiet nap time in the late afternoon before getting the kids and going to the store, which I may have mentioned is one of my all-time least favorite activities. I am much more effective at the store when I am alone. In and out, always get what I need. With kids and a husband, things are all kinds of jacked up. Sigh.

Saturday night, everyone was exhausted. Elliot didn’t get a nap because we were out with his friend so he was in bed early. Same with Isaac. Ash got home from his all-day card thing and we went to bed at 9:30. Ridiculous for a Saturday! But then we both woke at 2:30, wide awake. Ash got up for the day and I read for an hour before forcing myself to find sleep once more. Then yesterday, we went to the playground and everyone got a nice nap and all was good. I even mowed my front yard, which was really an exercise in leaf mulching. I hate Winter for that reason.

It’s funny how we used to gauge a good weekend. In college it was:  Did we stay up late and get drunk? Then yes, great weekend. And now it’s more like: Did I get to wash clothes, sweep the floors and nap? Then yes, excellent weekend. So, how was yours? Did you do anything awesome?

2 thoughts on “Bounce houses, sleep, lawn mowers

  1. A bounce house looks like awesome fun! It’s probably good exercise, too… why can’ t they make that in adult size?

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