Random Tuesday – Bitching, Whining, and more Bitching


You’ve been warned, folks. I’m ’bout to lay it down on ya.

  • Elliot is being a total asshole again. He’d gotten better there but his whining is OUT OF CONTROL. Every little thing is major drama. I’m a bad mom for threatening to take away gifts, seeing Grandma and Papa, etc. It seems to work though. Just a little bit.
  • Isaac is getting about five gazillion teeth at once (he’s secretly a shark!) so nights have been hellish. He was up at 12:30, 2:30, 4 and 5 before waking for good at 6:30. Only one of those times did he actually need to eat. The others, he wanted comfort nursing for his gums.
  • Ash has some kind of weird stomach virus wherein nothing he eats will stay in his system. We leave for Orlando tonight. (Ho ho, you see the dilemma here?) Luckily, he’s manning up and going to the doctor.
  • We finally got a Chipotle here (I know this may not seem like a huge deal but we don’t get all the cool places, you know) so I tried it yesterday. People said it was like Moe’s only better. Moe’s is garbage so it HAD to be better. It was. But not better than Qdoba, if y’all have one of those. Also? It seemed kind of expensive.
  • I think Isaac’s nasal problem resulting from the teething could be helped by the humidifier. Except last winter season, Elliot stuck a magnet down in there and if I run it, the magnet might get hit by the fan blade and who knows what would happen. I keep meaning to buy a really long screwdriver so I can take the thing apart and yet, it’s been nine or ten months and I still haven’t. Isn’t it funny how something you mean to do can get put off for so very long?
  • Got an awesome spam this morning. From: Approval Dept. Subject: YOU’RE DEAD. Body: Greetings, life insurance is more affordable than you think.” Let me ask you this, Approval Dept, if I’M DEAD, how can I pick out life insurance? Gotta love spam.

Ok, that’s it for this week. I probably won’t be blogging much between now and next Monday since we’ll be out of town, seeing Orlando Magic games, shopping, eating, and generally being annoyed by our extended family. Enjoy today’s Man Candy – model Judson Manor (I’ve been digging that cowboy look lately) – and have a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/etc….

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Bitching, Whining, and more Bitching

  1. I spout off so many things but I’m afraid to call my kids assholes on my site. I love that you did because I was just thinking about how they’re being assholes for dumping an entire box of Corn Pops on the floor to stomp on to hear if they pop. They don’t pop. They crunch. The do however pop in the vacuum.

  2. That’s the first male model picture that I’ve actually enjoyed! Also, Chipotle is expensive because they do all of their stuff “free range” “grain fed” blah dee blah and that hikes prices a bit I think.

  3. We have a Qdoba here and we like it but the local mexican place does it better for a better price. And the whining–my almost two year old is mastering the art of whining. I really hope he moves through it fast. But not holding my breath.
    Merry Christmas!

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