Kittens, unicorns, and double rainbows

I’m going to throw bullets at you today because I have to teach class and then I’m off for the afternoon; date day! It’s also Homecoming so I want to leave the parking lot before I’m  trapped in due to the festivities.

  • I finally started to get into Andrew Bird. For years I followed blogs of people who really dig him and I just didn’t “get” it. I could use some suggestions though as to the really good stuff.
  • There’s a lot of porn on tumblr. Who knew?
  • Go fight against your government today; it’s the 5th of November. Or at least don your best Guy Fawkes outfit.
  • I’ve been really into octopi lately. The design of them. There’s a lot of really awesome imagery out there.
  • I watched a hawk circling yesterday and felt sort of small in this universe. I sometimes think that when you see a wild animal acting as it does, you get the sense that they rule this planet, not us.
  • The weather has finally changed here and it was 44 this morning. I kind of look forward to early morning running in the cold. The physical exertion evident in the puff of visible hot air, the cool on the outside, hot on the inside sensation as my legs carry me farther, faster, towards my new goals.
  • And now, some cute ass pictures to recover from yesterday’s post:

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