A smattering of crap


  • So, here we are… again. On a Tuesday. And let it be known that Tuesday, the word, is from the Norse god Tyr: Tuesday -Tiw’s Day. Tiw, or Tyr, was a Norse god known for his sense of justice. I find this extremely amusing sense I effing HATE Tuesdays and where’s the justice in that?
  • I have lost the last two weeks in fantasy football by a mere three points. It’s utterly depressing.
  • I went to get Elliot this morning and he was already awake. he says, “Mommy! I played with my toys and read The Lorax!”. I said, “Good for you, son” then went to pick up a few toys. One of them I had never seen before and it was a plastic 4-5 inch brown Cerberus with brightly painted red eyes! WTF? We inherited this big bin of dinosaurs and random crap from a guy Ash knows but I have NEVER seen the creepy demon toy until this morning. To tell you the truth, it kinda freaks me out.
  • I have abandoned my routine of visiting a certain # of sites like 1000 Awesome Things, PostSecret, and Texts from Last Night. And though I want to go back to that time when I relied on reading those, I somehow cannot. I have moved on. Actually, I pretty much do FB, Twitter an Tumblr with any regularity. And only a few select blogs. Like yours, if it’s for Random Tuesday!
  • I just read a book in two days. TWO. That makes me feel like I probably could have gotten a whole lot more done in the time I was chilling in bed. And it was a damn good book but you know what’s weird about Werewolves/Shapeshifters. etc…? Once they mate with a human and are in human form, that’s fine and all but what of the fact that they aren’t always in human form? Would that be considering beastiality? I mean, I guess it’s not too creepy since they can be human and know their human woman intimately but you know, it’s weird. It’s just a strange concept and I think I’ll stop thinking about it now.
  • Someone outside, below my window, is growling. Today is just ODD!

7 thoughts on “A smattering of crap

  1. I’ve often wondered about the whole shapeshifter thing. It doesn’t really gross me out though. Does that make me a freak?
    My son also has some freaky toys he got as birthday presents. It makes me wonder what the mom was thinking when she bought it.
    By the way, your kids are soooo cute!

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