Fairies and birthday presents

SO, Elliot has been to a few birthday parties but yesterday he received his first invitation from another kid at school. (Daycare, whatever.) I know that in public schools, you can’t send out invites unless EVERYone gets to come, which is lame lame lame. When I was a kid, you didn’t worry about offending people that didn’t get invited because chances were, they didn’t care anyway. You didn’t invite them because they weren’t your friend. So it didn’t matter. But that’s not the point.

The invitation has Tinkerbell on it and the party is apparently being held at a hotel here in town. There was a small piece of paper tucked inside requesting – no, very seriously making clear – that everyone RSVP by the 17th so that “all children may receive a costume and a goodie bag.” Costume? What kind of 3 year old party is this going to be? We are so intrigued that we are definitely going. If nothing else than to see what kind of bar the other parents are setting for their kids turning three.

For Elliot’s first birthday we went all out: lots of beer, people and decorations. For his second, we didn’t invite as many people and didn’t really play it up. But this year? We’ll have to actually invite his friends. And have things he wants to do. I’m thinking we have it somewhere I don’t have to clean up. I’m thinking at a park or playground. Because then the kids can go blow the stink off by running around away from me then reconvene to get all messy with cake. And then their parents can take ’em home and we can up and leave too.

But here’s a question: what do you get a three year old girl? Do I assume she likes fairies/Disney princess junk? Or should I go gender neutral and get something educational or just fun? I don’t know much about this stuff because a.) I have boys and b.) I never liked dolls or make-up or anything pink or girlie when I was little. I was into Legos and Ghostbusters and drawing.

So, if you have any suggestions, that’d be awesome. I’m at a loss and have about a week and a half to get some kind of gift!

5 thoughts on “Fairies and birthday presents

  1. I’d go gender neutral because if you’re not into the fairy/doll thing, then it will be hard to pick out what might be best. Plus, since you don’t know her all that well, you have no idea what she already has. Go educational, but fun. Amazon breaks down toy ideas by gender and age; I love that.

    And as always, gift receipt!

    Have fun!

  2. I’d go with a gender-neutral book. Last night I discovered Mo Willems’s Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Willems is famous from Sesame Street, and the book is a Caldecott winner. It captures the temper tantrum tendencies of toddlers. Woo.

  3. Puzzels. Melissa and Doug make these really nice wooden ones that are only like $10. There are many different themes. I say gender neutral as well.

    Please update uson the partay. I am intrigued as well!

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