Goods and bads; day to day

Maybe you don’t want to know about this but I bought a new product today, one that actually works and benefits me, the breastfeeding mother.
The Milk Saver is a wonderful invention that catches the milk that leaks from the side on which you are not feeding your baby. Some women don’t leak that much in general but this being my second kid, I already know how my body is. This is a product made for me. In three feedings alone today I have saved almost 4 ounces of milk. Why would I want to do this, you ask? Because Isaac is unpredictable. With Elliot, I knew that if I fed him, he’d be good to go for 2-3 hours and I could run errands during this time. Isaac can have just eaten – on both sides – and still want food in ten minutes. Or is it gas? Or is it that he needs to spit up? And then once he spits up, he’s all upset for some reason. This happened to us in Target today. I was “that” mom with the crying, inconsolable baby. He screamed his little red head off the entire drive home, only thirty minutes after a relatively large “meal”. When I got him home, he snacked for five minutes and promptly passed out for nearly two hours.


BUT, the upswing of the day is that I harvested some milk in the event this happens again I can pop a bottle in his mouth in hopes that our next quickly south-turning outing will be fixed. And also? I worked out while he slept. Yup. Got my sports bra on, my running shoes… opened to my page in the first book of this series, (You may judge me; I’m not afraid to tell you how addicted I have become to trashy vampire novels.) and got down to business with the elliptical. And man, that 30 minutes made my entire world seem brighter. Well, and the fact that the sun is finally shining. Days and days of gloom have brought me down something fierce.

I’m glad to be feeling better. Things are never as bad as they seem, even when your kid cries for no reason.

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